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pagl 20th September 2017 09.39:24

Re: Keates isn't the man to take us forward.
[QUOTE=Prodigal Dragon;2072630]Wise opinion bordering on fact.

Talk of ridding us of DK and CD is just frustration. They are, IMHO, our best hope for getting out of this God-forsaken league. Like the rest of us they'll make mistakes along the way; but that's life.

Hope your feeling well enough to attend again soon, and the treatment doesn't take too much out of you.[/QUOTE]

I was there Tue and Sat - I didn't see Tuesday as points dropped but did on Saturday and was dismayed by the team selection and performance. That hurt more than the treatment. ahhhhhhhhhh.

John Neals Dynasty 20th September 2017 11.10:30

[QUOTE=NottsRed;2072639]Dibbles is a bit of a freak injury. Agree on Dunn though, it does sound like a long term serious injury.[/QUOTE]

Dibble isn't injured he has had a minor op on an ingrowing hair in his back.
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Phils-an-alki 20th September 2017 11.14:55

Re: Keates isn't the man to take us forward.
[QUOTE=Old Paddock Man;2072587]Feels like this thread has gone on for 5 years. That's not fact by the way.[/QUOTE]

Our games feel like they've been going for 5 years

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