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WrexhamO 19th September 2017 06.58:20


louisleftboot 19th September 2017 07.09:23

Re: Idiots
Liked and subscribed.

But in all seriousness, how daft can you be to have your face on camera the whole time. He's obviously a Wrexham fan if you look at his other videos.

WrexhamO 19th September 2017 07.26:27

Re: Idiots
We all need to politely get in touch with Jonty and Richard and ask them to get their client to tighten up security.

[url=]2/6 Mold Road - Bolton Birch[/url]

Rob 19th September 2017 08.37:41

Re: Idiots
This popped up the other day, Wrexham's very own ten pence version of Nightscape

Robin Coch 19th September 2017 08.50:16

Re: Idiots
Handily he put his insta name up as Warren Peagram. Not sure if he's much of a Wrexham fan though as he said he wasn't sure if the kop was still being used.

blackbrookred 19th September 2017 09.12:09

Re: Idiots
4 mins 20 in and they mention the floodlights but they don't want to climb them and be seen so they post the video on YouTube.......
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SE19 Exile 19th September 2017 09.16:22

Re: Idiots
"Young Lads Can Be Dickheads" isn't a headline you'll be reading soon I suppose, but the site should be fully secure.
Wouldn't fancy walking on The Kop roof after the neglect, but the bogs look like they've been tarted up from what I remember.

Redordead 19th September 2017 09.16:36

Re: Idiots
How about 15 likes and climb up one of Chesters stand!

Seems to be the in thing at the moment climbing up football stadiums and roller coasters

Sarge 19th September 2017 09.33:03

Re: Idiots
I get giddy climbing up to my seat in row P of the MRS never mind this....

Burton Dragon 19th September 2017 09.57:28

Re: Idiots
Seen the good, the bad, and the ugly that stand. Would love to watch one more match in there, Tuesday night match against a rival under them massive floodlights 💡💡💡

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