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Hometown Unicorn 27th January 2018 18.14:57

Re: Tranmere ratings
[QUOTE=krux;2108901]Kelly back out wide with Holroyd replacing Boden? Or bench Kelly?
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Bench Kelly. Holroyd did fairly well today, and suited playing against brutes more than Kelly.

shimosays 27th January 2018 18.34:47

[QUOTE=krux;2108901]Kelly back out wide with Holroyd replacing Boden? Or bench Kelly?
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Bench Kelly. He doesn’t do enough with the ball to justify Wedgebury being outnumbered in the middle. His set pieces are also generally poor.
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krux 27th January 2018 18.57:20

Re: Tranmere ratings
Dunn 8 played well. Some good stops

Roberts 7 defensively immense, little going forward.
Smith 8 excellent in difficult circumstances
Pearson 8 met his match today, but defended well
Raven 7 solid job, but not a left back.

Rutherford 6 out of his depth a little, but still worked hard
Kelly 6 tidy on the ball, but bot as strong or quick as their midfielders
Wedge 8 pretty immense
Holroyd 7 another goal but is somewhat wasted out wide.

Boden 6 nice touches but not involved unless he gets the right ball in the right circumstances
Quigley 9 MOTM that goal was immense. Lovely touch for a big man, mobile and direct. Even charging down clearences made a difference. Not match fit though and was holding his hamstring
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Drury-red 27th January 2018 19.00:06

Re: Tranmere ratings
Dunne (8) Gordon Banks in the first half. Looked a worldie save from Cook's header. Nout sure about the two goals as I was sat kop end of MRS

Roberts (6) Shaky and poor distribution at times. Did just about enough

Pearson (7) Not his best game but still decent

Manny (7) Decent

Raven (8) Solid debut!

Rutherford (6) panicked whenever he got in the final third and passed the ball back countless times instead of driving forward. His usual busy self however.

Wedge (8) Class

Kelly (6) Too deep and poor set pieces. Kept the ball well and kept things ticking.

Holroyd (6) Not at his best, good pen

Boden (6) Rarely troubled the TR backline

Quigley (8) Unreal first half. Faded second.

pagl 27th January 2018 19.09:54

Re: Tranmere ratings
Agree with most of what Drury-red says. Don't think there was a 9/10 performance from anyone. Think Rutherford was about a 5 at most and wouldn't describe Wedgbury as class but the defending part of his game is very good but not very effective when in possession.

Pleasing debut from Raven but the lack of options from the bench is very worrying.

Despite 1 point the most enjoyable home game for a while as the atmosphere was superb.

Cress 27th January 2018 19.14:45

Re: Tranmere ratings
Dunn - 8 Some great saves.
Roberts - 6 Average
Pearson - 7 Good as usual
Manny - 8 did really well against cook
Raven - 7 Solid, hardly put a foot wrong.
Rutherford - 5 Anonymous. Right mid seemed to be vacant most of the second half.
Wedgbury - 8 Everywhere.
Kelly - 6 Crosses were pretty poor. Seemed to want to play football but no one was showing.
Holroyd - 7 Scored. Didn't think he did too much else.
Quigley - 9 This lad is different gravy.
Boden - 7 Good partnership with Quigley building.

marathonplny 27th January 2018 19.34:04

Re: Tranmere ratings
Pearson took a knock to his back and played with that all game
Well done captain for playing on

Big A 27th January 2018 19.34:19

Re: Tranmere ratings
Most of the ratings I tend to agree with on here, apart from wedgebury. I thought he struggled to make any impact in midfield and seemed to get dragged out of position numerous times, leaving a big gap in the centre.

The other disappointment was during the last thirty minutes, nobody wanted the ball. Our best passing footballer, looked to me like was Raven at full-back. He had a decent debut. Enthusiasm wise, there was little to separate the teams, unfortunately quality wise, Tranmere looked superior.

It’s a decent point though, and it was critical we didn’t lose today. It was nice to see the ground looking full as well.

Red_Jackoisback 27th January 2018 19.38:52

Re: Tranmere ratings
8,500 people rocking the ground. All 10/10 for me. Game was exciting. Lost my voice

andywrex90 27th January 2018 19.42:09

Re: Tranmere ratings
[QUOTE=owain94;2108873]Unsure whether or not you saw the constant pressure Tranmere put on us. He was outstanding for most of the game.

If anything I'm being harsh on Manny.[/QUOTE]

Irrelevant , we conceded 2 goals and he lost his man for the goal ..

Manny was the more solid of the 2 .. Pearson did look to be struggling slightly though with a bit of injury ..

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