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StattoWrexham 18th March 2018 13.00:48

Re: Woking (A) reaction thread
[QUOTE=rhyger;2125054]Andy Davies didn't answer the question though about taking over till the end of the season[/QUOTE]

I don't expect him to as that might be discussed today, no one knows yet.

fifaking 18th March 2018 13.47:33

Re: Woking (A) reaction thread
Thought at times we played really well yesterday, possibly the best I've seen us play from 1-0 down until we went 2-1 up.

By far the best I've seen Kelly play. Very threatening going forward. Couple of great shots from distance that required good saves, and constantly switching play along with Wedgbury.
While not having many shooting opportunities, Quigley with his back to goal played well. Held the ball up well with good lay offs, or winning throw ins and corners.
So it was bizarre we took off both Quigley and Kelly towards the end, our two big threats going forward.

Thought Boden's chance was more difficult than has been made on here.. it's come at an awkward height and on his left foot. Personally, the more guilt edged miss was Holroyd (put through one on one after another lovely touch and through ball from Quigley) who couldn't beat the keeper one-on-one at 2-1.

Dunn looked to have gone wandering for the second corner Woking scored from and a looping header back over him.

shinton fox 18th March 2018 13.54:13

Re: Woking (A) reaction thread
We all see the game differently but I thought we played very well at times yesterday in difficult conditions . It is probably the coldest I have been at a football match for a good 29 years . The wind was biting cold and all the players deserve praise for putting on an entertaining game .

I am a big fan of Pearson who has been immense for us . However ,my view he was at fault for their first goal as opposed to Dunn . Pearson got involved in a silly piece of shirt grabbing with their centre half , began arguing with him , then the ref , lost focus , lost his man and the centre half scored .

We were definitely more direct but I expect that was because the conditions were difficult and it would have been foolish to try to play too much football from the back .

Rutherford played very well and is just the player you need in such poor conditions .Kelly was also very good . I can’t think of anyone who played poorly . I felt the decision to take Quigley off was correct as he wasn’t working as hard as most of his teammates .

Losing two goals from corners is disappointing but I don’t think Dunn was at fault for either as both their players had free headers .

Tom wafc 18th March 2018 14.39:02

Re: Woking (A) reaction thread
Don't know what Dunn was doing for the 2nd goal.

Rob Edwards 18th March 2018 14.45:24

Re: Woking reaction thread
[QUOTE=smiffysarmy;2124802]Should have brought Ainge on as soon as they equalised[/QUOTE]

Agree fully with this.A bit strange to bring on Boden on rather than Ainge when needing a goal.
Also given the 85 minute subs yesterday makes you think that not solely Keates decision when he did.

OneLoveWrexham 18th March 2018 14.49:28

Re: Woking (A) reaction thread
Dunn is shite simples, seen on twitter he was someone’s player of the season and he was a ‘scapegoat’ cost us so many points this season

WREX777 18th March 2018 14.51:02

Re: Woking (A) reaction thread
what a miss from Boden for god's sake the guys a donkey infront of goal TAKE A DAMN TOUCH

EnglishRed 18th March 2018 15.09:34

Re: Woking (A) reaction thread
[QUOTE=WREX777;2125099]what a miss from Boden for god's sake the guys a donkey infront of goal TAKE A DAMN TOUCH[/QUOTE]

And he would have been closed down and people would have been saying JUST HIT IT FIRST TIME.

On another day looks like we'd have won that comfortably.

The defending for their goals was dreadful.

FieldtownRed 18th March 2018 15.10:45

Re: Woking (A) reaction thread
[QUOTE=Tom wafc;2125096][url=]Woking 2 - 2 Wrexham - The Vanarama National League[/url]
Don't know what Dunn was doing for the 2nd goal.[/QUOTE]

Surprised they didn’t include the blatant pen.

sparky 18th March 2018 15.29:10

Re: Woking (A) reaction thread
[QUOTE=OneLoveWrexham;2125098]Dunn is shite simples, seen on twitter he was someone’s player of the season and he was a ‘scapegoat’ cost us so many points this season[/QUOTE]

I imagine the same folk rated Coughlin. I'm sorry, but he is a fecking liability. I can't believe we didn't go in for Coddington when he became available.

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