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Redted 17th March 2018 16.13:20

Re: Woking reaction thread
It's so frustrating ahhh!!!

Wiltshire_Red 17th March 2018 16.14:31

Re: Woking reaction thread
Top 3 at start of play all lost today, plenty of twists and turns to come yet. Sure is better than being mid table, tighten your seatbelts for the run in.

Halkynred 17th March 2018 16.14:43

Re: Woking reaction thread
Although we should have won easier we have to remember their goalie saved the game for them with at least 3 very good goal bound saves.

No major moves above us today bar Boreham Wood.
Let’s get the atmosphere electric next Saturday, we can at least get 2nd or 3rd spot !!

eastsussexred 17th March 2018 16.16:39

Re: Woking reaction thread
I thought we were a different team today; much more positive. How many times have we had so many shots on goal this season? and so many on target? Not many, if any; plus we dominated possesion for most of the game and were positive going forward for most of the game too.
Their goalkeeper stopped us having a goalfest today and we were also missing Manny too.
Dunn disappointing again, and despite another draw, we are now looking like a team that wants 3pts rather than 1. Overall, feeling much more positive than I have for much of the season

welshian 17th March 2018 16.17:56

Re: Woking reaction thread
At least it sounds like we dominated and produced several great chances. On a different day it could have been 4 1. Sounds a far more sttractive game than we've had recently.

Owain Glyndwr 17th March 2018 16.18:54

Re: Woking reaction thread
I think it was important not to loose today. Hopefully new ideas to work on next week.

stevewxm 17th March 2018 16.19:16

Re: Woking reaction thread
[QUOTE=riccardo;2124780]Back in the race for the title? We’d never string 3 or 4 wins together to sustain a challenge, we’ll just draw our way into the playoffs and hope to win on penalties...[/QUOTE]

Do for me......

RemovedUser 17th March 2018 16.20:36

Re: Woking reaction thread
We gained ground on Macc, Sutton and Tranmere today.
We lost ground only to Boreham Arsenal.
3pts would have been better, obviously, but nothings been decided yet.

Foxy 17th March 2018 16.21:02

Re: Woking reaction thread
That’s the best I think we have sounded on the radio for a while - lots of possession and lots of chances with their keeper making several great saves. Boden missed a sitter at the end and its important that the new manager puts his name at the top of the “to be released” list.

Halkynred 17th March 2018 16.23:33

Re: Woking reaction thread
[QUOTE=Owain Glyndwr;2124787]I think it was important not to loose today. Hopefully new ideas to work on next week.[/QUOTE]

Absolutely, when a manager leaves form can go both ways.
Important that we steadied the ship after a traumatic week for players and staff
Sounds like Kelly had a more central role today and made thins happen, maybe the key to success , and hopefully manny returning will bolster that defence !

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