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billybersham 2nd April 2018 12.53:02

Re: Are we missing Massanka ?
[QUOTE=Phils-an-alki;2129248]Yes we're definitely crying out for a striker who doesn't score goals and is afraid of his own shadow.. Why hasn't this been addressed sooner?[/QUOTE]

Very very sad when our own fans think we miss Massanka.

NottsRed 2nd April 2018 13.02:59

Re: Are we missing Massanka ?
Reality is while in the main our strikers has been poor this season its the midfield which has badly let us down. You look at Macclesfields side and the midfielders are chipping in with a goal in most games. I don't think we have had a more goal shy midfield at Wrexham than this season. Thats the reason its in all likelyhood going to be the playoffs and not automatic promotion.

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