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GarryOggy 13th June 2018 11.41:05

Re: Portugal Trip
Looking like anyone who takes their boots might get a game at the moment.

dolly dagger 13th June 2018 15.39:30

Re: Portugal Trip
[QUOTE=techender;2152308]Is this an evening kick off?

If so then no wonder the club are organising coaches. I believe this stadium is in the middle of nowhere with no public transport links.

This is quite an expensive little outing when you add the bus fare onto the ticket price on top of the travel and accommodation costs.

Last year it was a nice little stadium with no entrance fee, but Louletano must have made a fortune on beer sales alone. Why change to a 30,000 seat stadium for a crowd likely to be in the hundreds?[/QUOTE]

This. The stadium is in the middle of nowhere. There are no facilities whatsoever.

It would be much better to play in Loule like last year. Their ground is a five minute walk from the town centre - decent restaurants to eat in after the game as well.

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