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Foxy 8th June 2018 21.38:57

Re: Sugar Daddies mean security for the Club and its fans. Correct?
[QUOTE=Vorporix;2151539]Should have ended your post there :)[/QUOTE]

You have clearly recognised yourself then.

Vambo 8th June 2018 21.45:29

Re: Sugar Daddies mean security for the Club and its fans. Correct?
It looks like Damian Reeves is available again after the fairly dramatic end of Shaw Lane.

ozzy red 8th June 2018 23.12:35

Re: Sugar Daddies mean security for the Club and its fans. Correct?
[QUOTE=TomWFC;2151532]Everybody understands your position and your viewpoints, but Iím afraid itís post like this that make you seem bitter and petulant. Posts such as these just perpertuate the idea of you being over-zealously against fan ownership and people always against you.

Surely something like ďI currently disagree with our current model and donít see eye to eye with those that are running things currentlyĒ would suffice?

Instead you insist with condescending, sarcastic, patronising and border-line vitriolic posts that consistently have an under-handed dig at the current ownership model and itís limitations.

We get youíre not on board, thatís ok, the tone of your posts is often uneccessary.

Let it be, let it be...[/QUOTE]

Agree entirely.

I tend to agree with what Foxy is getting at, but even I am tired of his perpetual and repetitive aggressive and patronising approach.

He is not doing his argument any favours because of the way he puts across his views.

C'mon Foxy, time to change tack, even tho your destination is obvious.

ozzy red 8th June 2018 23.17:50

Re: Sugar Daddies mean security for the Club and its fans. Correct?
[QUOTE=Foxy;2151536]Fair point, and you are right. But call your side too - they are worse by a million miles. I donít mind disagreeing and discussing with yourself, English Red, Old Paddock Man, Todd Sweeny etc. But there are a host of vitriolic and aggressive people on your side who have been consistently beyond the pale and who ultimately damage the club.[/QUOTE]

Apologies Foxy, I had a dig before I read your response.

Its a fair response and acknowledges a fair point....but the "if you cant beat them join them" point at the end is perhaps where it falls down.

I think you have valid points, are intelligent and care about the club.

A change in approach would perhaps garner more support.


John Neals Dynasty 8th June 2018 23.22:38

[QUOTE=REDJB;2151515]The % of failing fans owned clubs is higher than the alternative. Telford,Stockport,Chester..... That's a fair few. Successes include Pompey (although they've quickly sacked it off) and Wycombe. Cant think of any others that have been promoted.[/QUOTE]

You are an extremely naughty boy 👦 for pointing that out & you will get a jolly good talking to for it.
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Stickirupum 9th June 2018 00.19:32

Re: Sugar Daddies mean security for the Club and its fans. Correct?
[QUOTE=John Neals Dynasty;2151296]And that folks is the Krux of the matter good post.... All this holier than thou crap about fan ownership when other clubs have money problems..... Making out that we are kind of superior to private owned clubs is getting pathetic.... We might be owned by ourselves in principle... But in general instead of a club being an owners play thing our club is a certain fews play thing.

We are where we are and yes we're financially sound at the moment thanks to a loyal fanbase.. But because of that some need to accept it has its limitations when it comes to competing against wealthier clubs..

It's no surprise that not one of the countries top flight clubs...the mancs, the scousers, chelski, spurs, Arsenal etc etc: are fan owned.

Because in simple terms you can only go so far with a hand too mouth life.

This is not criticising fan ownership just a look at the otherside of the fence. It's obvious through lack of money we probably have another season of excuses ahead.

But as I said we are where we are so let's get on with it not gloat everytime a club privately owned has financial problems... Many corner shops go bust also due to no forward thinking.
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We are where we are yes, as some other posters have suggested though, the fan ownership model is only a disadvantage while we play in a league without FFB rules. And let's be honest, it is the rules that need to change, not the model.
Fans, players and staff of clubs at our level deserve stability as a priority, glory would be nice but the priority has to be a level playing field. That gives fans hope, and offers players and staff stability. And let us not forget that the most succesfull Wrexham side (post 1970's) under Pryce Griffiths and Brian Flynn were basically operating under the same rules as we are now, not spending more than we earn, and that was done pre-FFB rules.
I agree, we should not gloat when any privately owned club faces difficulties, but we should also keep in mind that one director wanting his funding back is going to have far more impact on a club than one trust member cancelling his subscription. To a degree we all have ego's and opinions and we all think we know think we know what is best for the club. But their are plenty of club owners with big fat ego's, fat cheque books and little loyalty who also think they know best, very often they don't, and then they leave, taking their money with them and leaving director's loans to pay off.

Stickirupum 9th June 2018 00.32:37

Re: Sugar Daddies mean security for the Club and its fans. Correct?
[QUOTE=The Only Way Is Up;2151329]As yours seems to be a genuine question (as opposed to some who have an anal fetish, judging from past replies - you know who you are) the repetition or re-wording is an attempt to prevent the neutrals from being swayed by the utter bollox that some spout about "needing vast sums to get out of this league without which we're doomed!"

FWIW, I gave up two years income in an attempt to prevent this club from falling by the wayside in 2001 and 2002 being a co-founder and first chair of the Trust. My allegiance to the club has been 100% and will remain so to my last breath. I have fewer years remaining than some of those who seek an instant solution to our NL predicament, and it would be very easy to jump on the Sugar Daddy bandwagon if I felt that it would bring a worthwhile and lasting reward for Wrexham AFC and its fans. Instead, I prefer a less risky route than sacrificing security to sup with the type of devil we endured prior to the Trust taking over.

I accept that there will be many who because of their ages have no experience of Wrexham as a real force. With us being one of the top 92 clubs in England and Wales for so many years and recalling so many games where our performances were nearer to the top of that pyramid than the bottom drives me to seek the right solution for the club and its fans. If only every one of you could experience those joys!

Still, those who criticise the Trust's evolution for the club - rising safely, even if slowly - will eventually steer the club in the direction that they feel is right - even if it isn't - unless there's somebody to speak out against them. You may think of my stance as old-fashioned. I have no real concern about that - other than not having seen a viable alternative put forward. Plenty of criticisms offered, but nothing that works in our Club's circumstances.

Old fashioned values will die out as those who hold them die off. You may like what replaces them even less![/QUOTE]

That post is one that no REASONABLE Wrexham fan could ever argue against. Well said.

pagl 9th June 2018 00.49:00

Re: Sugar Daddies mean security for the Club and its fans. Correct?
[QUOTE=podders;2151301]I think for a fan owned club to flourish they need to be in the football league.
The fact they limit wages to a % of a clubs turnover makes it a more level playing field.[/QUOTE]

Yes it would be a real help. However were not and we have to get on with the job of getting there.

Lets see if we get any changes after WST elections or we just have the same old lack of strategy.

REDJB 9th June 2018 13.51:26

Re: Sugar Daddies mean security for the Club and its fans. Correct?
[QUOTE=Jaded;2151533]Ever heard of AFC Wimbledon?[/QUOTE]

The supporters trust at Wimbledon don't own 100% of the club. It took them less than 12 months to sell shares to raise funds.

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