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draigwrecsam 29th December 2018 23.28:53

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
I did say the PPG table problem had a knock on effect. Well done, you found part of it! :)

draigwrecsam 31st December 2018 15.45:20

Happy New Year!
I do believe I have fixed the errors in the stats, so I can start the New Year with a clean sheet - though I don't guarantee that! :)

Look out Celtic Arms, I'm ready to party.

Happy New Year to every one - especially my volunteer auditor Hamilton Pathetic!!

draigwrecsam 1st January 2019 22.09:31

After Salford (A) VNL - 01/01/2019 (0-2)
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I wasn't able to attend so cannot comment on the performance. But, six points from three tough fixtures is a creditable result. We march on.

draigwrecsam 6th January 2019 15.57:50

After Dover (H) VNL - 05/01/2018(0-1)
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By all accounts I was lucky not to be able to attend this one.

draigwrecsam 10th January 2019 10.14:59

After Bromley (A) VNL - 08/01/2018 (0-2)
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There goes the game in hand! Time now, before the next league game, to get the new players settled in.

draigwrecsam 13th January 2019 12.35:16

After Leyton (H) FAT R2 - 12/01/2018 (0-1)
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Just in case anyone wants to take a look...

Hamilton Pathetic 13th January 2019 19.42:49

Re: After Leyton (H) FAT R2 - 12/01/2018 (0-1)
[QUOTE=draigwrecsam;2219942]Just in case anyone wants to take a look...[/QUOTE]

I haven't looked this year.

draigwrecsam 13th January 2019 21.05:12

Re: After Leyton (H) FAT R2 - 12/01/2018 (0-1)
[QUOTE=Hamilton Pathetic;2220029]I haven't looked this year.[/QUOTE]

The errors and omissions are piling up :D

draigwrecsam 20th January 2019 15.04:08

After Fylde (A) VNL - 19/01/2018 (0-2)
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Well, if that's "going back to basics"...

I await with interest the manager's reasons for not playing his new signings.

Hampshire Red 21st January 2019 14.43:31

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
Thanks Draig. A couple of interesting stats.
- We have now played 5 of our play off competitors (Top 7) away from home and have failed to score in each of these games.
- We are unbeaten away against the bottom six teams (W3 D3). The most we have scored in any of these games is 2.

As we all know if we want to reach the play offs we have to start scoring more goals. With a few exceptions this has been going on all season, not just post-Ricketts. Over to you Mr Barrow.

All times are WMT (Wrexham Mean Time). For non-town viewers the time now is 21.54:41.

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