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draigwrecsam 21st January 2019 16.44:16

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
Barrow's League record is W3 D1 L4 since he took over and up until the end of the year he was W3 D1 L0. Initially it appeared to be "business as usual" in comparison with Rickett's W12 D7 L3. So, come the New Year and we lose 4 in a row. This to me is totally inexplicable. Obviously something has changed.

New faces have come in but have barely played; I put this down, possibly, to lack of fitness due to not being first choice at their old club. I imagine that finding good players who have been playing regularly, are hard to find in January. If this is the case, I understand the players not yet being selected. However, I don't understand the current bunch suddenly "giving up the ghost".

draigwrecsam 27th January 2019 14.30:05

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
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Not the convincing scoreline I hoped for, but 3 points and a clean sheet is a start on the road to recovery!

draigwrecsam 9th February 2019 21.58:08

After Dagenham (H) VNL - 09/02/2019 (1-0)
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Once again a visiting goalkeeper plays out of his skin, but we got the win, three more points and another clean sheet.

Rob 10th February 2019 01.03:15

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
100% win ratio! :D

draigwrecsam 10th February 2019 09.11:04

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
[QUOTE=Rob;2230124]100% win ratio! :D[/QUOTE]

Long may it continue! :)

Hamilton Pathetic 16th February 2019 17.51:56

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
After 3 wins on the trot, I am now prepared to look at the Like for Like. I am worried about what I may find though.

draigwrecsam 17th February 2019 00.12:38

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
Should be available in time for lunch!

draigwrecsam 17th February 2019 10.02:48

After Havant (A) VNL - 16/02/2019 (3-2)
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A bit of a nervy ending by all accounts, but our new manager keeps his 100% win record. We play our game in hand over Solihull next Tuesday at Boreham Wood where a win will put us top of the league.

For some reason, there are some RPers who believe we are in a false position and that this squad is not good enough to challenge at the top. I like to let the numbers do the talking. That being said, last weeks deliberate error has been corrected. :D

Hamilton Pathetic 17th February 2019 12.05:20

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
Now I haven't gone through it with a fine toothcomb but can you clarify something for me regarding the National League player stats spreadsheet?

Goals scored total 40 which excludes the two penalties Wrexham have converted whilst the goals against total of 24 includes the two penalties scored against which is inconsistent.
The reason for this is that the individual player's goals scored totals do not include penalties which have to be added to the players' scoring. Separating the penalties is an interesting and unique way of totalling a players achievements and not one I have come across elsewhere, i.e. in all media.

draigwrecsam 17th February 2019 13.06:10

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
This is an error. Congratulations, the trip to Rome was obviously refreshing! :)

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