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Hamilton Pathetic 13th March 2019 11.41:54

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
Count your blessings you weren’t there. Dire.

MOM Kennedy, he scored the goal.

In accordance with my usual practice, I will not be looking at the stats.

draigwrecsam 13th March 2019 19.19:15

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
Thank you HP, I understand your reticence in actually opening the files!

draigwrecsam 16th March 2019 19.39:18

After Maidstone (H) VNL - 16/03/2019 (1-0)
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So we can win in seriously nasty weather! If we can get 12 points from the remaining 21 available, we are guaranteed a playoff spot even if Gateshead win all their remaining games.

We smashed through the 100,000 attendance barrier, 2 games earlier than last season.

I missed this one but hope to be at Ebbsfleet and all remaining home games.

draigwrecsam 23rd March 2019 21.07:47

After Hartlepool (A) VNL - 23/03/2019 (0-1)
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Move right along, nothing to see here...

draigwrecsam 28th March 2019 14.56:20

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
Note: I am away this coming weekend sans laptop. The next update will be on Monday evening. As a penance, I will be attending the game at Ebbsfleet; to prepare me for this, I will be joining the London Reds in Weatherspoons at 11:30am - it should work! :D

draigwrecsam 1st April 2019 20.54:28

After Ebbsfleet (A) VNL - 30/03/2019 (2-4)
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Penance duly paid!

Braintree were officially relegated, we were officially thrashed.

With 5 games to go last year we were lying 4th (just like this year) on 68 points. In the remaining 5 games we gathered a massive 2 points and plunged, rather spectacularly, to 10th. If there is a bright point, last year against the same opposition and venue as this year we gained 9 points and were unbeaten. That would keep us in the playoffs.

draigwrecsam 6th April 2019 21.17:07

After Braintree (H) VNL - 06/04/2019 (3-1)
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A comfortable win if not a brilliant performance.

Maidstone became the second team to be relegated.

Three games on Tuesday involve six teams in with a shout of the playoffs. I will post the PPG on Wednesday morning to show the effect on our own playoff chances.

draigwrecsam 10th April 2019 15.53:55

As of 10/04/2019
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After last night's games, we slip to 5th. All teams have now played 42 games, so it is what it is.

We are now close enough to play the "if then" game!

If we win on Saturday and either Ebbsfleet fail to win at home to Dagenham or, Eastleigh lose at home to Gateshead, then we are guaranteed a playoff spot.

If Aldershot don't win at home to Hartlepool, they are relegated; they are also relegated if they win and Both Boreham Wood win (at Harrogate) and Dover win (at Barrow).

draigwrecsam 14th April 2019 11.28:55

After Barnet (A) VNL - 13/04/2019
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First objective achieved! Next secure a home quarter-final playoff game, then secure a home semi-final, then become Champions - maybe :)

Aldershot and Havant are relegated, joining Braintree and Maidstone - going to be some shuffling between North and South divisions.

Leyton, Salford, Solihull and ourselves are definitely in the playoffs, Fylde are virtually there by dint of their huge GD. [B]Harrogate[/B] and Eastleigh look comfortable, but Ebbsfleet, [B]Sutton[/B] and Gateshead are still hoping for miracles.

This makes Saturday's game interesting!

There is a real possibility that our last game will be a battle for the coveted 3rd place!!!

So what if we win all our remaining games?

Get your Boolean Logic textbooks out.

[B]IF[/B] we win all 3 remaining games

We can be Champions -

IF Leyton lose 1 and draw 2 of their 3 remaining
AND Salford lose 1 and draw 1 of their 3 remaining
AND Solihull draw 2 of their 3 remaining

We can be 2nd or 3rd -

IF Leyton lose 1 and draw 2 of their 3 remaining
OR Salford lose 1 and draw 1 of their 3 remaining
OR Solihull draw 2 of their 3 remaining

We can ensure at least 1 home playoff -

IF we win 1 game or draw 3

The picture will be much clearer next Friday evening!

draigwrecsam 20th April 2019 10.38:47

After Sutton (H) VNL - 19/04/2019 (1-0)
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Maybe we can 1-0 our way to Wembley! :)

Fylde guarantee their playoff spot, we guarantee a home game in the playoff QF with still an outside chance of 3rd and a home playoff SF.

I'm not able to go to Halifax on Monday but I'll be there in spirit, COYR.

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