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draigwrecsam 19th September 2018 15.14:28

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
[quote=Hamilton Pathetic;2182670]...P.S. I give up, can’t find this week’s mistake.[/quote]

My apologies, I forgot to put one in! :D

draigwrecsam 22nd September 2018 22.08:44

After Sutton (A) VNL - 22/09/2018 (0-3)
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The defeat was bad enough, but worse is the loss of Summerfield for three games.

draigwrecsam 26th September 2018 11.14:22

After Harrogate (A) VNL - 25/09/2018 (0-0)
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My apologies for the incomplete Player Stats posted after the Sutton game.

A draw away at one of the front runners can't be bad - even if we could have won it. Fondop is now one yellow away from a ban.

Hamilton Pathetic 26th September 2018 13.40:56

Re: After Harrogate (A) VNL - 25/09/2018 (0-0)
[QUOTE=draigwrecsam;2184208]My apologies for the incomplete Player Stats posted after the Sutton game.[/QUOTE]

It’s a good job the it was after a defeat otherwise I would have taken you to task.

draigwrecsam 26th September 2018 19.01:04

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
Trust me, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I realised you wouldn't find the mistake! :D

draigwrecsam 30th September 2018 06.16:46

After Barnet (H) VNL - 29/09/2018 (1-0)
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For half an hour, it was clear to me that Barnet came for a draw and brought their own ref to help them out. Then we scored. But we still made pretty heavy weather of it.

Fondop will miss the next game having collected five yellow cards, the rest may do him good.

Contrary to the sponsors opinion, I thought Beavon was MoM but there you go.

Hamilton Pathetic 30th September 2018 09.31:39

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
The missing date is 11th March 2018

draigwrecsam 30th September 2018 10.02:05

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
[QUOTE=Hamilton Pathetic;2184800]The missing date is 11th March 2018[/QUOTE]

Thanking you kindly! :2thumbsup:

draigwrecsam 7th October 2018 10.17:37

After Havant & Waterlooville (H) VNL - 06/10/2018 (1-0)
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Another win, another clean sheet. How many teams have voted their goalkeeper as MoM against us?

draigwrecsam 7th October 2018 14.47:53

Re: Like for Like 2018-19
[B]Historical Snapshots[/B]

[B][I]After 15 games:[/I][/B]

[I]Current Season[/I] PL-15 W-9 D-4 L-2 GF-20 GA-8 GD-12 PTS-31 POS-4

[I]98 pt Season[/I] PL-15 W-10 D-2 L-3 GF-28 GA-14 GD-14 PTS-32 POS-?

[I]Last Season[/I] PL-15 W-7 D-5 L-3 GF-13 GA-8 GD-5 PTS-26 POS-4

Last season's eventual Champions Macclesfield were top with 29 pts and current leaders Salford were not in this league.

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