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shinner 6th January 2019 16.53:01

Congratulations on a crowd of 6700 ish today. With it be
ing a fans owned club some very welcome revenue.

In saying that this is a Wrexham forum and my point is this - IMO we would have maybe doubled that attendance today . We had over 8000 boxing day and an estimated 1500 at least at Salford .
Wrexham is a football league club that has languished far to long in non league, the potential is scary.
Lets hopefully get up this season and push again . We honestly have the potential to sustain Championship football ....

Royal welsh red 6th January 2019 17.03:42

Re: Newport
And the bastards are winning!

Gwersyllt-Robin 6th January 2019 17.11:20

Re: Newport
Day is a quality keeper.

John Neals Dynasty 6th January 2019 17.12:14

[QUOTE=Royal welsh red;2216683]And the bastards are winning![/QUOTE]

Good I always support the underdogs and more so if Welsh, can't complain about the way they beat us.
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Outertowner 6th January 2019 17.12:59

Re: Newport
[QUOTE=Royal welsh red;2216683]And the bastards are winning![/QUOTE]

NOt anymore. it pains me to say that Newport have played well. They've given it a good go. Made Leicester look ordinary or they've made Newport look good.

Funny_Old_Game 6th January 2019 17.18:04

Re: Newport
Should we all ‘laugh’ at them?

We should have knocked them out but there’s no way we’d be doing what they are doing to Leicester. Strikers making the difference and they’ve got 2 quality ones.

dewi ogwen 6th January 2019 17.22:35

Re: Newport
Newport totally deserve to win. Leicester have been poor and Newport well organised in the back. We're still a bigger club than them.

Pieman 6th January 2019 17.24:00

Re: Newport
Fair play to them strikers win matches

livpoksoc 6th January 2019 17.24:53

Re: Newport
Fair play to them.

dewi ogwen 6th January 2019 17.25:14

Re: Newport
[QUOTE=Pieman;2216689]Fair play to them strikers win matches[/QUOTE]

They have got a quality manager as well. Who I think Shrewsbury may regret not trying harder to get.

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