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Kiddy Dragon 8th January 2019 10.42:51

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
Bromley have won 5 of their last 6. Not an easy fixture by any means, especially as we dont seem to have recovered well from the Christmas and New Year fixtures.

Haruki 8th January 2019 10.44:01

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
[QUOTE=WhiteKSE;2217459]Tollitt should start - Carra back in for Roberts.[/QUOTE]

Carra will be in midfield occupying Walkers role

Phils-an-alki 8th January 2019 10.54:26

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
[quote=haruki;2217464]carra will be in midfield occupying walkers role[/quote]

If he is; hold, me, back.

John Neals Dynasty 8th January 2019 11.22:37

[QUOTE=Phils-an-alki;2217468]If he is; hold, me, back.

I think Carrington will be to in place of Walker, I love the posters getting in the excuses of happy with a point at a midtable team, if this club is serious about promotion it has to go for the jugular and win tonight no excuses about tiredness aren't Bromley tired?

We seriously need to improve away from home and start playing 90mins not 45 a lots of unknowns tonight with our starting 11 I expect Oswell to deffo start and possibly Stockton as well with Grant in behind them as for the rest it's anyone's guess, as for the result with such a change its hard to predict, if we come out thinking it's a new year kickabout in the local pub car park like last Saturday we will lose 3-0 if we come out showing a positive reaction to the disgrace on Saturday then I think we will win 2-1 but this is Wrexham they like to make us suffer so expect a boring 0-0 draw that's my final answer.
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benwilliams 8th January 2019 11.26:14

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
I can only see a draw at best but delighted to be proved wrong! Will be very frustrating if at least 2 of Tollitt Stockton and Oswell aren't starting but wouldn't surprise me if all 3 were on the bench! All I want is a bit of attacking intent and bravery.

Ooh aah Paskin 8th January 2019 11.47:59

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
Really need to win this to make it closer at the top. Orient are stuttering, Salford are beatable. Good chance to start getting more points on the board and put the pressure on.

As for the trophy game on Saturday. It will be interesting due to the fact both teams probably want to lose it!!

davewilli 8th January 2019 12.26:05

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
[QUOTE=Phils-an-alki;2217439]They're 13th in the league and you want to "avoid defeat"??

Bizarre. Smacks of making excuses just in case of defeat.

We should expect nothing less than a win.[/QUOTE]

Not excuses but a defeat will really knock us back, many good runs abd change of form kick off with a draw and this is a difficult game away to a form team. Hope for a win but 1 points will be better than zilch.

flintred1983 8th January 2019 12.31:18

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
If we still have hopes of winning the league then it has to be 3 points tonight

Haruki 8th January 2019 12.46:21

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
[QUOTE=Phils-an-alki;2217468]If he is; hold, me, back.

Well personally i would like to see Luke Young played in that role but Carra went in that position when Walker went off away at Salford so that would suggest it will happen tonight

Tom wafc 8th January 2019 14.09:51

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
If the front 3 is Grant, Beavon and Rutherford we've got no chance, but if Oswell and Stockton start i'll go for a 2-0 win.

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