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Sean Reckless 8th January 2019 08.22:29

Bromley Tuesday Night
Game in hand, new signings, an opposition who have won their last 4 at home and our away form poor. 1-0 win anyone?

NottsRed 8th January 2019 08.24:43

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
After Saturdays display I think we might loose again even with two new strikers.

CRUMBS 8th January 2019 08.25:56

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
Gotta score first and early I'm afraid , otherwise .

Funny_Old_Game 8th January 2019 08.36:42

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
2-0 defeat I reckon, we’re awful again.

Beavon, Grant and Rutherford to start.

OneLoveWrexham 8th January 2019 08.41:37

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
Away form abysmal, plastic pitch, windy, rained a week last Wednesday, a resurgent Bromley in fine form, all the excuses we’ll here tonight when we lose 2-0. This is a must win game though to put us back in the mix and start again with the new players.

pagl 8th January 2019 08.46:00

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
[QUOTE=CRUMBS;2217394]Gotta score first and early I'm afraid , otherwise .[/QUOTE]

Yeh. Were not good if we concede first.
Lets hope GB has kicked their arses after Saturday and we get a reaction.
Our away performances are poor and it has to change if we are going to challenge.

Back of the Kop 8th January 2019 09.05:47

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
Even this far out from April I feel this is a must win if we are going for the title but we'll yet again start off nervously and give the initiative to Bromley as we have in every away game.

Unless we change our approach I can only see another defeat

BillEBadass 8th January 2019 09.07:27

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
In many ways this could be the most important game of the season. Loosing games is habit forming and must be overcome before it's too late. To stop the rot a draw wouldn't be a disaster although to remain credible in the race to the title we need the three points.

Bromley 0:1 Wrexham

krux 8th January 2019 09.10:25

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
plastic pitch. 0-0 at best.

Phils-an-alki 8th January 2019 09.13:30

Re: Bromley Tuesday Night
If we have hopes of winning the league we have to win games like this against mid table fodder. Wholesale changes required to the team needed as well. If Grant, Rutherford and Beavon start after Saturday it will be jaw dropping.

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