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Iesty 10th January 2019 11.22:55

Kieran Kennedy Signs
just seen a this on Twitter, will be announced today then?



Iesty 10th January 2019 11.23:47

Re: Kieran Kennedy Signs (TBC)

corwenred 10th January 2019 11.30:40

Re: Kieran Kennedy Signs (TBC)
Just been confirmed by club. Sensible signing. At least we're getting business done early doors.

smotyns 10th January 2019 11.31:58

Re: Kieran Kennedy Signs (TBC)
Is this as cover at CB?

wxmdoug 10th January 2019 11.32:15

Re: Kieran Kennedy Signs (TBC)
[QUOTE=Iesty;2218859]just seen a this on Twitter, will be announced today then?



looks like carringtons brother

jacthelad 10th January 2019 11.32:42

Re: Kieran Kennedy Signs (TBC)
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Haruki 10th January 2019 11.33:26

Re: Kieran Kennedy Signs (TBC)
Surely Walker and Kennedy on loan from Shrewsbury ends the "Barrow grabbed him by the throat" stories?

Funny_Old_Game 10th January 2019 11.34:05

Re: Kieran Kennedy Signs (TBC)

corwenred 10th January 2019 11.34:56


Was at Macc last season. Askey took him to Shrewsbury.

riccardo 10th January 2019 11.35:13

Re: Kieran Kennedy Signs (TBC)
Ex Macc, seems a decent player-cover for Mannys injury I guess.

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