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Tom wafc 8th February 2019 14.08:58

Mickey Thomas fundraiser

Just seen this sad news.

Rob 8th February 2019 14.13:34

Re: Mickey Thomas
Just came on to post this up

[i]"Mickey Thomas’s life has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, representing club and country at the highest level, including 90 appearances for his beloved Manchester United, but he is currently facing the biggest battle: beating cancer.

Diagnosed with stomach cancer in January 2019, Mickey starts chemo and radiotherapy treatment on 11th February, followed by an operation to remove the tumour and then another course of chemo.

Unable to work while going through treatment, Mickey has no source of income, so his friends are getting together to raise money to help cover his living and travel expenses, plus some of the medical expenses related to the treatments he requires – including having all of his teeth replaced.

He shouldn’t be worrying about money during this tough time; we want his focus to be on beating this awful disease and getting back with us all as soon as possible.

Still such a presence around Old Trafford and very much a part of the United family, Mickey is one of the most loveable guys you could meet. He is full of life, fun-loving and generous beyond belief, so please give what you can and join us in supporting him in his fight."[/i]

moynkeepthefaith 8th February 2019 14.23:30

Re: Mickey Thomas fundraiser
thanks - donated.

Quay Red 8th February 2019 14.44:51

Re: Mickey Thomas fundraiser
Donated. Hope Micky gets through this. Long hard road ahead.

Wirral Red 8th February 2019 14.52:35

Re: Mickey Thomas fundraiser
Donated , feel that Chelsea & Man U Stoke etc could fund this entirely from their vast resources.

Wrexy 8th February 2019 15.56:17

Re: Mickey Thomas fundraiser
Puts this week's fun & games at Wrexham AFC into perspective.

Make no mistake this is a tough one to fight. I recently lost a good friend to stomach cancer. He was given 18 months to live in late 2018 and died just 6 weeks later.

Good luck Mickey.

John Neals Dynasty 8th February 2019 16.06:13

Re: Mickey Thomas fundraiser
Very very sad news one of my footballing idols of the 70s/80s.

This money could easily be collected by the clubs he played for Chelsea,Everton,Man U, Stoke, Everton Wrexham.. The former players association, Man U Premier footballers.

But it's not all about money he has a terrific fight on his hands let's hope they have found it early as it's a very hard cancer to treat.

I will donate but it could be found by the above in minutes.

Football means nothing when it comes to health.

Keep fighting Noddy Thomas.
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dagg 8th February 2019 16.09:22

Re: Mickey Thomas fundraiser
Is to late to organise a collection tomorrow.

dlrwrexham 8th February 2019 16.18:46

Re: Mickey Thomas fundraiser
Hope he gets a mark of respect tomorrow.Maybe a minute's applause,at the exact time of his famous goal in '92?.

FieldtownRed 8th February 2019 16.24:53

Re: Mickey Thomas fundraiser
[QUOTE=dlrwrexham;2229467]Hope he gets a mark of respect tomorrow.Maybe a minute's applause,at the exact time of his famous goal in '92?.[/QUOTE]

He’s not dead yet! Donations much more use than a bit of clapping!

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