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John Neals Dynasty 9th February 2019 17.55:35

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
First half terrible inline with this week's circus, absolutely clueless, I don't think today's game can be attributed to Hughes after 2 days, that first half neither keeper had anything to do.
Second half only one team in it and that was us, but only after the statue Stockton went off and Bobby Grant whose legs have gone. When Beavon and Rutherford replaced them the tempo picked up and in the end we should of won 4-0 but hell what a donkey Wright is apart from one show he was unlucky with he missed 3 easier to score than miss.

But great start for Hughes and then other results it seems more a battle not to go up.

At least the cracks have been papered over for a week.
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redone 9th February 2019 17.56:31

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
[QUOTE=EnglishRed;2230018]I'd love to think that Hughes can take Akil under his wing and teach him what a real midfielder plays like.[/QUOTE]

hes only got a 3.5yr deal

RemovedUser 9th February 2019 17.59:17

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
I think that after the shenanigins of this week, the players have shown professionalism and maturity. Give them credit for that.

rob0916 9th February 2019 18.00:06

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
[QUOTE=EnglishRed;2230019]We won the other week as well. Didn't stop people ripping the club to shreds. Stop trying to create divisions.[/QUOTE]

I'm not, I'm simply saying that one win does not change the issues people have with the way the club is run. It is possible for people to celebrate a win and still be upset with what is going on off the pitch. How in the world can that be construed as creating divisions?

Tom wafc 9th February 2019 18.00:20

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
Same old in the first half. But much improved 2nd half, we should have won by 3 or 4 but Akil is woeful in front of goal. Young was my mom, he always looks to pass the ball forward and got plenty of energy about the pitch. The most annoying thing is Pearson and Lawlor constantly passing the ball to each other instead of passing it into midfield, and Lawlor getting into the habit of aimlessly hoofing the ball forward. Hopefully we can extend Tollitt loan, he makes a massive difference driving us forward.

AndyCobra 9th February 2019 18.00:55

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
[QUOTE=DoomandGloom;2230011]Pretty sure Salford could do with a CEO with footballing experience.[/QUOTE]

Comment of the week! Well done Sir.

moynkeepthefaith 9th February 2019 18.02:57

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
[QUOTE=corwenred;2230020]Jesus we won a game people are allowed to be happy.
Of course there are still issues that need sorting but just enjoy the win.[/QUOTE]

Spot on

blackbrookred 9th February 2019 18.03:32

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
Poor 1st half but much better once Beavon came on with his movement hold up play. Don't want to be too critical but Akil Wright was dreadful, how he didn't score is beyond belief.

red under the bed 9th February 2019 18.05:37

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
Another win ...all that matters. Well done Town !

spuderz123 9th February 2019 18.07:52

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
Pleased for BH getting his 1st win but that was pretty shit wasn't it.

Jennings has gone from a liability to one of our key players, Akil Wright is absolutely dog and I'm still finding it hard to believe we've got Beavon.

Roll on the next two aways. A load of ale, sniff and goals will do just nicely.

Up the sexy Town x

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