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Redordead 9th February 2019 18.08:55

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
Great seeing Tollit in the 2nd half running direct at their defenders.

davewilli 9th February 2019 18.10:50

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
[QUOTE=rob0916;2230025]I'm not, I'm simply saying that one win does not change the issues people have with the way the club is run. It is possible for people to celebrate a win and still be upset with what is going on off the pitch. How in the world can that be construed as creating divisions?[/QUOTE]

I thought the problems were on the pitch?

We are all concerned, Ricketts and then Barrow going has dealt us a massive blow, but all the mass hysteria on here, all many believing, rumours, speculation and mis-truths.

mol 9th February 2019 18.12:09

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
Anyone know if Jason Oswell was just out of favour today?

I thought our primary target signing of the season might have at least made the bench.
Although with beavon, Ruthers and Holroyd on the bench there isn’t really room for another attacking player I guess.

Ooh aah Paskin 9th February 2019 18.12:44

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
Honest opinion?
Hard fought win but should have been a stroll second half.
First half nothing seemed to have changed. We lacked ambition, confidence and creativity.
Tollitt was by far the most dangerous player.
Though I don't know how we didn't go in one up....their keeper played a blinder all game.
Second half we looked second best until the changes.
One thing you will get from Rutherford and Beavon is drive and urgency. We needed it.
Well taken goal but after that we really should have got three or four more.
Wright's finishing is shocking.
All in all, an important win. Convincing? Not by a long shot but if we do that now until the end of the season grabbing one goal wins everyone will be happy!

Good to forget the background politics for a few hours but still nowhere near the perfect article.

John Neals Dynasty 9th February 2019 18.44:12

[QUOTE=EnglishRed;2230018]I'd love to think that Hughes can take Akil under his wing and teach him what a real midfielder plays like.[/QUOTE]

In your dreams he national north quality at best
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moynkeepthefaith 9th February 2019 18.49:47

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
Hey Nottsred - crowd over 5000 and we won :):):)

Red Light 9th February 2019 19.10:25

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
Thoughts - we were pretty poor first half - it was turning into another borefest.

Quite simply the game changed with the double substitution.
Extremely disappointed with the anonymous grant again - and my Tranmere friends are spot on - Stockton unfortunately resembles a Rhyl beach donkey.
Off they both went to be replaced by a double injection of intensity, hard running and pace.
Oswell not in the 16 man squad - any explanation ? he looked very lively when he came on last home match with excellent positioning and good touches.
Tollitt looked very good and great to see him starting and running hard at the opposition and taking them on - just what we need.
Defence was hardly troubled all match - did Lainton make a save ?
we should have won by far more than one goal - Akil Wright had 3 if not 4 opportunities that looked harder to miss than score yet fluffed the lot.
Finally it was fantastic to see the Tech End lower section full of kids - the looks on some of the kids faces when the Tech End started singing with the drum at 2.50 pm was a picture - sure many had never been in a football ground before - hopefully we have captured a few long term and they will keep coming back now, especially as they had a birds eye view so close to the action - the club need to repeat this ASAP.

9478geoff 9th February 2019 19.22:27

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
[QUOTE=shimosays;2229939]Beavon has to start
[size=1][i]Posted via mobile theme[/i][/size][/QUOTE]

i defo like Bevs and i think he could be a top candidate for player of the season , but in his mid 30s he is always getting sub'd half way into the 2nd half , i was so pleased he came on when he did today 30 odd mins to go fresh legs at that point full of running when the ops are tiring he run Daggers ragged they could'nt handle him defo an impact player and good on the new manager recognising his strengths and limitations and he scored the winner , good game good win against a form side great substitutions at a good time great 3 points , good decision making from Yosser, hope he gets it right for the next game and makes the neccessary improvments , Dagger keeper was really good some great saves , we could ave had a few today but for some glaring miss'es aswell , COYRs

Funny_Old_Game 9th February 2019 19.26:01

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
Beavon might actually be best from the bench anyway. Let him run about like a loon for the last 20 mins.

Red_Jackoisback 9th February 2019 19.26:45

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
After a challenging week a perfect result.

Three points off top.

Coukd be written in the stars.

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