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StaffordshireRed 9th February 2019 17.06:25

Reaction vs Dag and Red
One of the in form teams in the league. Great result, 2 points off top which 100% of fans would have taken at the start of the season. Let's get behind the boys for the run could make all the different.

Come on you frustating, inconsistent, lovely town x

RetiredMember021 9th February 2019 17.11:34

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
A massive win after that mental week. Salford and Orient drop points too.

redone 9th February 2019 17.16:37

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
great 3pts all things considered, if we can just put the ball in the net please ,please,pretty please

Prodigal Dragon 9th February 2019 17.17:19

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
A deserved win, which allows us to regroup after a difficult week. Should have been a lot more, but BH now has time to sort out some issues, mostly in midfield.

Well done, everyone!

shimosays 9th February 2019 17.18:10

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
Beavon has to start
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Funny_Old_Game 9th February 2019 17.19:53

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
Same old problems exist regardless of whether Guardiola was the manager. Akil Wright is simply terrible, he has no technical ability whatsoever.

Pleased for Hughes as winning the first one is important. I imagine he’s shocked by the inability of this lot in front of the goal, not a calm head in the whole squad.

Hightown Brymbo Red 9th February 2019 17.23:40

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
Fantastic result Well done to the players it must have been a difficult week for them

WREX01 9th February 2019 17.24:14

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
Much needed win.
We looked better with Beavon and Rutherford on.A 442 involving these 2 would work.

Akil Wright ........ oh dear
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WREX777 9th February 2019 17.27:23

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
Hopefully Stockton hasn’t stopped running all the way back to Tranmere. When Beavon and Rutherford came on the effort levels increased by 1 million per cent.

Credit to Hughes for making a double substitution to change things.

TaidTom 9th February 2019 17.28:37

Re: Reaction vs Dag and Red
Pleasantly surprised by how poor D&R were. 3or 4 of them looked like they'd never played before.

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