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Default Re: Random Trophy Final Memory

It was a brilliant time. I think for me you remember what you did, how you got there etc.

I took my Dad and my daughter down, and met up with relatives from London. When we walked to the train station in Flint the snow was the worst I have ever encountered, we were dubious the train would even turn up. Was crazy that the closer we got to London the more it vanished.

Had a couple of beers in a travel lodge a short walk from the ground. We had a curry that night in West Hempstead. I didnt make the journey to Wembley for the play off final because I couldnt afford it.
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Default Re: Random Trophy Final Memory

Thatís the coldest Iíve been ever at a match before
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Default Re: Random Trophy Final Memory

Coldest I've ever been at a football match. NaÔve / stupid choice of clothes.

Contrast to the PO final which was baking hot and in terms of how I felt after the game it was probably the worst I've ever felt. Definitely a new low.
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Default Re: Random Trophy Final Memory

Grimsby final: Remember the snow and ice in town and waiting to get on the bus, hoping it would get to us.

Arriving at Wembley and the bus stopping for the driver to speak to the steward, and a load of snow and ice sliding off the front almost landing on them!

Not being able to find a programme anywhere for sale.

Getting into the stadium that felt like the Arctic. Even in several layers it was freezing.

Looking forward to a hot drink at Half time to find they had sold out! They offered me water which turned out to be chilled...not quite what I needed!

The penalty shoot out.

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Default Re: Random Trophy Final Memory

To put it frankly my balls froze to the seat.
It had taken us three hours to dig the Land Rover out of the snow and we just made the coach in Oswestry with only a couple of minutes to spare.
The area around Wembley was like a waste land - what a dump! The Stadium offered excellent views of the game but had a micro climate which would have placed it on the edge of the artic circle.

Great result and a deserved victory - as an experience I much preferred the game against Southend in Cardiff.
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