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GarryOggy 15th March 2019 12.01:04

Re: flynn
[QUOTE=Gwynn;2240416]Brian Flynn has contract until end of season.[/QUOTE]

Disclosed on Dragonheart podcast. To be reviewed at the end of the season.

Quay Red 15th March 2019 12.14:16

Re: flynn
[QUOTE=Answer Release;2240458]One day training and most match days.

The board would never confirm someone's salary and rightly so but I'm reliably informed he is on that sort of money. Wrexham FC is a nice little earner for Darlington.

I note that someone completely unconnected to me posted something similar on here recently too.

We all know how leaky this club is.....[/QUOTE]

Fake News.

Funny_Old_Game 15th March 2019 12.16:40

[QUOTE=Phils-an-alki;2240465]Oh yeah forgot about match days.

I'm struggling to believe that to be honest. If that's true then its gobsmacking. Mind you he does pick the managers for us too.[/QUOTE]

Was going to say, he picks every new manager. Then it is put through the scoring mechanism for double checking.

Phils-an-alki 15th March 2019 12.34:15

Re: flynn
[QUOTE=Quay Red;2240472]Fake News.[/QUOTE]

I thought I read he was on expenses only when he came back?

Answer Release 15th March 2019 14.23:31

Re: flynn
[QUOTE=Quay Red;2240472]Fake News.[/QUOTE]

Feel free to read through some the previous things I've posted on here, pre 'real' news, and come back to me.

Ooh aah Paskin 15th March 2019 14.30:26

Re: flynn
[QUOTE=AndyCobra;2240367]When are some of you going to look at yourselves? Call yourself a fan of Wrexham football club.[/QUOTE]

Surely its because we are fans of the football club that we get the reactions we see?

I certainly am not happy with everything that has gone on this season. I am happy that somehow we have managed to stay around the top 3 so long.

But anyone who thinks there aren't issues, or thinks that everything must be rosy because of the league position are deluded IMO.

And because this is a football forum, its a place to discuss these issues.
If you don't like to see negative comments about the club etc then my only advice would be to stay off the boards.

sparky 15th March 2019 18.57:16

Re: flynn
[QUOTE=Answer Release;2240453]I have no issue with Flynn being appointed and will reserve judgment on his appointment until we're at a suitable point to judge.

Hughes is a novice manager, if he believes Flynn is the right man to assist him at this stage then it's alright by me.

Jussi seems quite vocal on the touch line too for a goalkeeping coach so I assume he's more involved than his job title suggests.

What's Darlington doing for his £35k a year for two days a week?[/QUOTE]

35k? Surely that can't be right.

rememberthegoodoldyears 15th March 2019 19.00:43

Re: flynn
[QUOTE=sparky;2240572]35k? Surely that can't be right.[/QUOTE]

It’s not right I know Carl extremely well, he is very handsomely paid by the welsh fa though.

blackbrookred 15th March 2019 19.42:48

Re: flynn
[QUOTE=sparky;2240572]35k? Surely that can't be right.[/QUOTE]

No chance, pro rata that would give a salary of more than the manager and significantly more than players.

petered 15th March 2019 19.44:29

Re: flynn
[QUOTE=Red 1982;2240420]Shall we put this into context. 7 days ago we were confident that we would be in with a shout of winning the title, or at least a top 3 finish. We've had one bad result. LO cannot count as a bad result, disappointing, but not bad.

Now everyone is blaming the board, BH, Flynn. We didn't turn up on Tuesday, Pearson wasn't playing. Put it behind us and look forward.

If we finish top 3 we have a really good chance. Home game against a team below us in the semi playoffs, then a one off game at Wembley.

Calm down dears![/QUOTE]
100% agree.

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