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Default Re: No bottle or passion!

Originally Posted by Connolly View Post
We won four of our last 5 games and were 17 points better than the team in 8th, really hanging on to a play off spot
This has been a nearly successful season
We have been in contention all season
Yes it was there for the taking
Yes our top scorer may only have had6 or so

Accepting we are all hurting big time after Thursday but we were not far off , even with all the cr&p that’s happened 3 managers poor goals for- we were only a 2-1 win over Orient from being champions.
Yes there are lots of what ifs
But there may not be a need for wholesale changes cos we are not far off a top team.
This may not be ppopular with folks who want to blame person a b c or d and the ownership model or the management or board , that’s fine we are all entitled to our differing opinions. I’ll be back with a season ticket next season and enjoy a few away trips.
A big thanks to WFC players and staff volunteers & WST and football board for all the efforts you’ve put in, I know you’re probably hurting as we are.
Enjoy the summer.
Wrexham Rob

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Originally Posted by chef1 View Post
we have stayed down this year due to Januarys fiasco and that blame lies in the boardroom.

This no excuses the board are guilty and not one have apologised for this stupid time.
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