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Default Re: Is this the longest

Since automatic relegation was introduced, here's who has gone down from the league and how many seasons they spent out before returning or not:

86-87 Lincoln City (1 season)

87-88 Newport County (25 seasons but were dissolved and had to reform)

88-89 Darlington (2 seasons)

89-90 Colchester United (2 seasons)

90-91 no relegation but we finished bottom

91-92 Aldershot were expelled (16 seasons but were dissolved and had to reform)

92-93 Halifax Town (5 seasons)

93-94 no relegation

94-95 no relegation

95-96 no relegation

96-97 Hereford United (9 seasons)

97-98 Doncaster Rovers (5 seasons)

98-99 Scarborough (not returned but have had to reform and were never a league club prior to 1987)

99-00 Chester (4 seasons)

00-01 Barnet (4 seasons)

01-02 Halifax (not returned but had to reform)

02-03 Exeter (5 seasons) and Shrewsbury (1 season)

03-04 Carlisle (1 season) and York (8 seasons)

04-05 Kiddy (not returned but not a league club prior to 2000) and Cambridge (9 seasons)

05-06 Rushden (not returned but were dissolved and reformed and not a league club prior to 2001) and Oxford (4 seasons)

06-07 Boston (not returned but not a league club prior to 2002) and Torquay (2 seasons)

07-08 Mansfield (5 seasons) and us (no need to say we haven't yet returned)

08-09 Chester (not returned but were dissolved and reformed) and Luton (5 seasons)

09-10 Grimsby (6 seasons) and Darlington (not returned but were dissolved and reformed)

10-11 Lincoln (6 seasons) and Stockport (not returned)

11-12 Hereford (not returned were dissolved and reformed) and Macclesfield (6 seasons)

12-13 Barnet (2 seasons) and Aldershot (not returned)

13-14 Bristol Rovers (1 season) and Torquay (not returned)

14-15 Cheltenham (1 season) and Tranmere (3 seasons)

15-16 Dagenham (not returned) and York (not returned)

16-17 Hartlepool (not returned) and Leyton Orient (2 seasons)

17-18 Barnet (not returned) and Chesterfield (not returned)

So out of all the teams that have been out of the league for more seasons than us, Newport, Aldershot and Halifax all had to reform after being disolved; Kiddy and Boston were not league teams prior to the introduction of automatic promotion/relegation and Rushden and Scarborough were not league teams before automatic promotion/relegation was introduced and also were wound up and reformed.
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Default Re: Is this the longest

Originally Posted by Red Light View Post
Bradford Park Avenue and New Brighton from the very old League days of the North, when New Brighton even had a tower.

Some clubs fixated with the age of their decaying stadiums fall by the wayside - others with a modern progressive outlook who don't have to spend high costs on maintaining a 3 sided stadium / ground rent replace them.
Bradford PA lost in the National League North play off to Spennymoor so they are close to being back to our current level!! They went bust in 1974 but the supporters kept the name going and started up in the Bradford Amateur Sunday League Division Four playing in the old kit of the former club.
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