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Rob 8th May 2019 23.15:02

What does it mean to you?

pagl 9th May 2019 01.19:49

Re: Futbolka
Fk all. Is it Russian?

RHYLRED 9th May 2019 05.07:02

Re: Futbolka
Someone's just kicked me straight in the gonads with a pair of wellies?

Sussex Red 9th May 2019 07.15:04

Re: Futbolka
Is it the term used to describe Chris Holroyd's grooming technique?
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Rob 9th May 2019 07.48:56

Re: Futbolka
Ha! Any more?!

redtilidie 9th May 2019 07.50:21

Re: Futbolka
Football's equivalent of a cricket box? :)

Wreck Sam 9th May 2019 09.13:49

Re: Futbolka
Our next manager will have been sacked by the worse ever Futbolka team ?

Striderman 9th May 2019 09.33:57

Re: Futbolka
Paul Rutherford's dribbling technique?

Outertowner 9th May 2019 11.17:16

Re: Futbolka
Is it an acronym for Football Under This Board Omits Leadership and Killer Attack.

Rob 9th May 2019 11.51:35

Re: Futbolka
Wrexham Council's arts service are running something on [I]"Wrexham’s footballing heritage"[/I] - I would have thought many more would have heard about it, I am told promotion is very good etc etc so thought would test that out.

Anyone been or anyone aware of the council exhibition, and know why the club do not seem to be involved?

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