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Red Light 21st May 2019 18.39:07

Re: Now entering my 20th Season...
[QUOTE=Inside Left;2259538]I do remember him entertaining the fans on the pitch. As a youngster I found him hilarious and he often got a bigger cheer than the players. I don't recall the police escorting him off and I always thought he was part of the accepted half time entertainment.

A few of us went to Old Trafford to support Chester in the FA Cup ( Some WFC fans did in those days and vica vera). I seem to think he went on the Old Trafford pitch pre match ? I am not sure.
CFC had a massive following that day against one of Uniteds best ever sides.[/QUOTE]

I remember with some fondness the old Sealand Road ground and the adjacent dog track.

I have heard many a Chester support recount the days of Billy Large and his exploits - I was under the impression he was a crowd favourite and accepted as part of the match day experience - thought he was welcomed on the pitch and not chased of by the police or anyone else.

This is what football sadly lacks today - many clubs had one off characters that made the match day experience more memorable and gave us another reason to keep coming back.

In relation to Chester (not football related) I also recall as a kid being driven down Liverpool Road from the direction of the George & Dragon towards the Countess. No matter when we went past the place there always seemed to be a little old bloke in a raincoat and trilby hat at the kerb edge - constantly saluting the traffic - probably back in the late 60's early 70's.

Inside Left 21st May 2019 18.55:29

Re: Now entering my 20th Season...
Little chap was little Joe . He used to salute traffic at various places around the city. Funny place is Chester.

Neil 22nd May 2019 06.18:16

Re: Now entering my 20th Season...
[QUOTE=Rhys's Daddy;2258033]45 for me - long for the days of playing West Ham at home and as birthday present was allowed into the stands.
Porto & Roma :-)
A bit older - Arsenal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even Forest league cup home and away.

[B]Now places even my SatNav cant find[/B].[/QUOTE]

Yep, that just about says it all! Mind you, when we were in the old Division Two in the early 80's, I remember going to Cambridge on the train for a match and being directed by a local to Cambridge CITY'S ground rather than United's. Happily we realised the error quickly enough to make it to the Abbey Stadium for kick-off but sadly, we lost 1-0. Alan Biley, probably.

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