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Default Re: Now entering my 20th Season...

Originally Posted by Inside Left View Post
I do remember him entertaining the fans on the pitch. As a youngster I found him hilarious and he often got a bigger cheer than the players. I don't recall the police escorting him off and I always thought he was part of the accepted half time entertainment.

A few of us went to Old Trafford to support Chester in the FA Cup ( Some WFC fans did in those days and vica vera). I seem to think he went on the Old Trafford pitch pre match ? I am not sure.
CFC had a massive following that day against one of Uniteds best ever sides.
I remember with some fondness the old Sealand Road ground and the adjacent dog track.

I have heard many a Chester support recount the days of Billy Large and his exploits - I was under the impression he was a crowd favourite and accepted as part of the match day experience - thought he was welcomed on the pitch and not chased of by the police or anyone else.

This is what football sadly lacks today - many clubs had one off characters that made the match day experience more memorable and gave us another reason to keep coming back.

In relation to Chester (not football related) I also recall as a kid being driven down Liverpool Road from the direction of the George & Dragon towards the Countess. No matter when we went past the place there always seemed to be a little old bloke in a raincoat and trilby hat at the kerb edge - constantly saluting the traffic - probably back in the late 60's early 70's.
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Default Re: Now entering my 20th Season...

Little chap was little Joe . He used to salute traffic at various places around the city. Funny place is Chester.
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Default Re: Now entering my 20th Season...

Originally Posted by Rhys's Daddy View Post
45 for me - long for the days of playing West Ham at home and as birthday present was allowed into the stands.
Porto & Roma :-)
A bit older - Arsenal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even Forest league cup home and away.

Now places even my SatNav cant find.
Yep, that just about says it all! Mind you, when we were in the old Division Two in the early 80's, I remember going to Cambridge on the train for a match and being directed by a local to Cambridge CITY'S ground rather than United's. Happily we realised the error quickly enough to make it to the Abbey Stadium for kick-off but sadly, we lost 1-0. Alan Biley, probably.
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