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ruthinred 25th May 2019 17.21:09

Re: Rank the Rivals
Vale matches were always bad for fighting, but theyre hardly rivals

Ive never liked Crewe tbh


ruthinred 25th May 2019 17.25:41

Re: Rank the Rivals
[QUOTE=Back of the Kop;2260606]When we are talking about local rivalry the top 2 have always been and always will be :

1. Chester
2. Shrewsbury

You can then start to argue Tranmere, Crewe etc......but for me that's it[/QUOTE]

This is true

joe 25th May 2019 22.23:06

Re: Rank the Rivals
chester and Shrewsbury are our only rivals and always will be. Special mentions to Newport and Port Vale

Birdy 26th May 2019 00.12:04

Re: Rank the Rivals

pagl 26th May 2019 03.08:39

Re: Rank the Rivals
For me it is:

Bin dippers - hate the games especially recently.
Cardiff - era related and many games especially old welsh cup.
Slops - used to be a good away day.
Crewe, Vale, Stockport and other locals not so much a rivalry just a better type of game.

Now we have all sorts of localish teams and we struggle against them.
Telford, Alty, Macc, times embarrasing.

dixienormous 26th May 2019 08.30:37

Re: Rank the Rivals
Erm, Port Vale has to be in the top 3-5.

mattw 26th May 2019 09.27:15

Re: Rank the Rivals
[QUOTE=EnglishRed;2260654]... And they are a bit weird down that way.[/QUOTE]

We are.

ruthinred 26th May 2019 09.34:22

Re: Rank the Rivals
For all this chat

I do wonder if we will play half these teams again in the next decade

pagl 26th May 2019 09.49:45

Re: Rank the Rivals
[QUOTE=ruthinred;2260774]For all this chat

I do wonder if we will play half these teams again in the next decade[/QUOTE]

Well Vale are in a dip and have some poor players, Crewe will always yoyo a bit with form but well run and with good network.
Expect Slops to improve a bit as well.

We need to go up to get these fixtures again but it gets tougher.

Legends of '78 26th May 2019 10.34:04

Re: Rank the Rivals
1. Chester
2. Newport
3. Shrewsbury
4. Port Vale
5. Tranmere

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