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GarryOggy 8th June 2019 14.42:37

Re: Jaaskelainen set to leave
[QUOTE=pricey;2265221]Who is the idiot handing out these ludicrous long term contracts? Grant, Barrow, Manny Smith, Bryan Hughes. Theres a pattern here.[/QUOTE]
You would rather one year contracts of the Mills era then?

Percy Sugden 8th June 2019 15.01:14

Re: Jaaskelainen set to leave
[QUOTE=Teifi Red;2265298]I’ll play your game by deflecting here.
Was your point re the board giving a contract to an injured player fact (as you initially claimed) or assumption ( which you later claimed)?

But, to answer your question the poster I refer to has recently been spot on with their info on signings which tends to give his entries more weight than the ones you post.
Settle the argument and give us the date Manny signed his extended contract.[/QUOTE]

It’s okay for you to work on the assumptions another poster is “in the know”. :toilet:

Manny was injured nearly all season and the board didn’t announce his contract extension, so I’m quite confident my assumption is factual. Nobody seems to be able to provide any input to prove otherwise.

pagl 8th June 2019 15.03:58

Re: Jaaskelainen set to leave
So again we knew he was going.
Do we have a replacement lined up.

Maybe we need someone in the board who has experience in recruiting people :)

dagg 8th June 2019 15.06:27

Re: Jaaskelainen set to leave
I thought this thread was about Jaaskelainen.

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