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garb 13th July 2019 12.29:13

Scott butler
Seems he's signed with swansea.
Any info about him playing style etc. I doing a piece on the new scholarship's at scfc. Thanks.

louisleftboot 13th July 2019 12.38:17

Re: Scott butler
Never heard of him.

Ddraigoch 13th July 2019 12.43:25

Re: Scott butler
Has he been playing for us?

dixienormous 13th July 2019 12.43:53

Re: Scott butler
He's crap

louisleftboot 13th July 2019 12.47:42

Re: Scott butler

From a Leader article
[quote]Wrexham's Bobby Beaumont and current Wrexham County Schools Under-16's captain Scott Butler, who has secured a contract with Swansea City for next season will be representing Wales.[/quote]
Not sure if was at Wrexham AFC or just from Wrexham. He played for Wrexham Schoolboys under 18s

Rob Edwards 13th July 2019 12.53:22

Re: Scott butler
Poached via Lee Jones academy?

Teifi Red 13th July 2019 12.56:00

Re: Scott butler
[QUOTE=garb;2273886]Seems he's signed with swansea.
Any info about him playing style etc. I doing a piece on the new scholarship's at scfc. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Suggest you message Giggitygiggityggiggitygoo or Bagger Vance on here. If anyone on this forum really knows what you’re after they would be a good starting point.
(I apologise if there are other genuinely in the know members not mentioned)

WasanActonlad 13th July 2019 12.57:25

Re: Scott butler
[QUOTE=dixienormous;2273890]He's crap[/QUOTE]

The "oracle" speaks again....

dixienormous 13th July 2019 13.03:37

Re: Scott butler
[QUOTE=WasanActonlad;2273895]The "oracle" speaks again....[/QUOTE]

He's obviously not crap is he?

Im starting to worry about you...have you been robbing my undies for a sniff or something?

Hamilton Pathetic 13th July 2019 13.19:39

Re: Scott butler
EFL clubs can now pinch our young hopefuls (under 17's) for free, i.e. no compensation paid and without any comeback thanks to new EFL rules. This was brought up at the Club's AGM, all Non-League club youth schemes are subject to the same circumstance.

I can't recall the exact details but Spencer Harris did go into it in some depth and part of his role is to try and obtain some recompense from the EFL clubs, who are under no obligation to do so.

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