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RetiredMember021 30th July 2019 19.58:29

Classic Footage - Wrexham
After seeing the Ian Edwards goal, I thought we could have a video library with past games in. A couple to start

Wrexham beating Birmingham 3-1 - Yozzer was class.


Divvy Stadium away. Karl Connolly Derby.


wrexhamrob 30th July 2019 20.24:47

Re: Classic Footage - Wrexham
Brilliant watched Ian Edwards goal v Derby
Then the 3-1 win at B’ham
And that followed by 2-4 win at Peterborough

RetiredMember021 30th July 2019 20.36:14

Re: Classic Footage - Wrexham

Wrexham v Roma 84

RetiredMember021 1st August 2019 07.01:36

Re: Classic Footage - Wrexham

Wrexham beating Middlesbrough in the FA Cup. Fergie with the winner.

RetiredMember021 1st August 2019 07.04:45

Re: Classic Footage - Wrexham

Wales v Austria 1955 Y Cae Ras.

Blazes 1st August 2019 07.19:35

Re: Classic Footage - Wrexham

Wales v Austria 1955 Y Cae Ras.[/QUOTE]

Ha, I was a schoolboy from Llangollen Grammar School in that crowd. Somehow the school had given everybody the afternoon off to go and see the game. No tickets. Pay at the turnstyle.

Our Welsh teacher, a doddery Mr Hughes-Roberts (nicknamed Slash), who knew nothing about football, said the next day that he had liked that "Scotty fellow", referring to Derek Tapscott who had scored the Wales goal.

thedischunter96 2nd August 2019 20.57:49

Re: Classic Footage - Wrexham
Got some of these matches on VHS somewhere.....

Rhosymedre Red 2nd August 2019 21.30:10

Re: Classic Footage - Wrexham

RetiredMember021 2nd August 2019 21.42:18

Re: Classic Footage - Wrexham
[QUOTE=Rhosymedre Red;2278024][url][/url][/QUOTE]

Connolly was a different class.

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