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draigwrecsam 5th August 2019 14.44:44

Like for Like Stats - 2019/20
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Here we go again. A few minor tweaks, nothing major, mainly aimed at making my life easier and that of Hamilton Pathetic harder - I hope the errors will be fewer and less frequent but, as usual, I must add the proviso that "Reading it on Red Passion doesn't make it true!" :D

I've changed the PPG table sort so that, when all other things are equal, Wrexham don't appear at the bottom of the list - hence we are currently 4th on PPG compared with 7th on other tables. Only Yeovil can best us! :)

A good start for our season, long may it continue. COYR

Hamilton Pathetic 5th August 2019 17.40:16

Re: Like for Like Stats - 2019/20
Anyone can get it right after one game, except the sponsors who chose Summerfield as the MOM!!!!!

Probably why the Tannoy wasn't working during the game.

Canadian Dragon 5th August 2019 20.57:30

Re: Like for Like Stats - 2019/20
DW...thank you for this. I do enjoy reading this information and it certainly does make it interesting to see how we compare to the previous campaign.

BUT....I still cannot get my head around the PPG statistic. In layman's terms can you (or HP) clarify this stat for me.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.


draigwrecsam 6th August 2019 15.31:16

Re: Like for Like Stats - 2019/20
OK Rae. The PPG table is a forecast final table based on season to date performance.

I take an average of points earned per game to date and multiply by 46 to give an expected final total. Actually, I separate home and away, taking an average for each multiplied by 23 then add the home and away totals.

It has its best uses in mid to late season when games in hand may distort the actual table on a particular day. It works on the assumption that all teams will be consistent in their results throughout the season and it takes time for a winning or losing streak to have an impact.

Hope this helps!

draigwrecsam 7th August 2019 18.43:58

After Boreham Wood (A) VNL - 06/08/2019 (2-2)
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A gut wrenching result.

draigwrecsam 11th August 2019 14.44:43

After Dover (A) VNL - 10/08/2019 (1-2)
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No comment!

draigwrecsam 14th August 2019 17.00:05

After Halifax (H) VNL - 13/08/2019 (1-0)
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That was an enjoyable game for me but that red card sure made it difficult. I'd have thought MOM should be Young or Dibble.

draigwrecsam 19th August 2019 10.04:33

Re: Like for Like Stats - 2019/20
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A point away from home I'll settle for, but three would have been nice! :)

draigwrecsam 25th August 2019 21.07:26

After Barnet (H) VNL - 24/08/2019 (1-1)
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Another point and, as Brian Flynn would have it, a point nearer safety. I enjoyed the game and I think Barnet were better than some give them credit for. But I'd like to see Carrington replace Barnum-Bobb and Barton replace Summerfield - or at least a ban on Summerfield taking corners and free kicks!

draigwrecsam 27th August 2019 20.45:17

After Hartlepool (A) VNL - 26/08/2019 (2-4)
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Oh dear!

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