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GiggityGiggityGiggityGoo 3rd September 2019 12.07:24

Re: New Leadership
[QUOTE=Foxy;2288811]Before this happens we need to change key players, notably Pete Jones . Some of them are absolutely set on nothing but 100% 'fans' ownership.[/QUOTE]

I've said it before, it's their play thing, one they can put as little or as much effort into same with cash while massaging their egos.

No different to any other ownership. The only exception is a lot of the money being spent isn't theirs, they couldn't give a hoot if it gets wasted year on year as we continuously see!

NottsRed 3rd September 2019 12.17:55

Re: New Leadership
[QUOTE=Redordead;2288840]Indonesian firm Santini Group buy a minority stake in Tranmere Rovers, with Lukito Wanandi taking a place on the board #TRFC

Mark Palios: "Injection of capital into the club will enable us to move ahead with a number of projects which will enhance our community & commercial offerings, to reduce some of the debt incurred during period in Non-League & allow for some increase in the playing budget" #TRFC

Mark and Nicola Palios continue to run the day to day operations at Tranmere and say: "This is particularly important if the club is to aspire to a sustainable life in the Championship" #TRFC

Santini Group operate within several industries, including motor trade, manufacturing and selling parts across Asia and Australia #TRFC

Sofjan Wanandi, father of Tranmere's new board member Lukito, reportedly has a net-worth of around $600m. He founded the Santini Group in 1994 before handing control over to his sons #TRFC[/QUOTE]

So hypothetical scenario that I sort of suggested a few days back in another thread.....

Lets say theres 100 Wrexham fans who aren't happy with the current set up and decide each to put £1000 for one person to be on the board. That would be a £100K injection into the club with a seat at the board reporting back to those individuals who put in.

The club gets a cash injection and those who aren't happy get a seat at the board to see whats going on.

Probably not ideal but the current clique need some kind of brake or watch put on them. At least this scenario isn't a companyeither.

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