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Default Maidenhead Rankings

Dibble 5: Heís lost confidence and Iíve lost confidence in him
Jennings 5: MOM? Honestly?
Carrington 6: Better defending than JBB but adds nothing going forward
Pearson 8: His best game this season, not happy with most of his team last night.
Chambers 6: Had a few wobbles
Summerfield 5: canít pass, canít tackle, definitely canít head, more of a chicane than a player last night.
Wright 3: One point for each of the sitters he missed
Young 7: unlucky for own goal, but linked well with Tollitt for goal and good free kick for Oswellís goal.
Grant 5: Hardly noticeable last night.
Oswell 6: Good goal, better display than Saturday but we need to play to his strengths.
Tollitt 7: our only attacking thread, we lost impetus when he went off.

Rutherford 5: Usual display, not a goal threat.
Redmond 4: Did nothing
Macintosh: not on long enough to rate.
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Default Re: Maidenhead Rankings

Young man of match closely followed by Pearson, chambers pub player and Akil Wright wouldnít get in my lads under 10 team rest of them shite.
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Default Re: Maidenhead Rankings

Dibble 5 nothing to do and couldn't be blamed for goals

Carra 5 reasonably solid. nothing going forward
Pearson 5 seems a shadow of last couple of years
Chambers 2 big and strong but a liability
Jennings 6 too reliant on him for an attacking option

Summerfield 5 not great
Young 7 MOTM best player by a mile
Wright 0 abject

Grant 3 pretend footballer
Oswell 6 credit for the goal but he had a thankless task
Tollitt 7 key creator

Ruthers his contribution Vs tollitt was telling
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Default Re: Maidenhead Rankings

Dibble - 5, didn't come off his line enough for set pieces but didn't make any howlers this time so suppose it's a positive

Carrington - 6, one of the better players but still not great going forward, as said an improvement on JBB
Pearson - 7, dependable as always, couldn't do much with either goals
Chambers - 4, looked dangerous at times but not in the right way
Jennings - 5, can't see how he got MOM but ok going forward

Summerfield - 3, why is he still getting game time?
Young 8, not his fault with the OG, covered every blade of grass and well worked for his goal
Wright - 2, missed 3 sitters, garbage, even worse than Summerfield

Grant - 5, looked dangerous at times but seemed like he was desperate for a red card
Oswell - 5, extra points for the goal but ineffective otherwise
Tollitt - 6, flashes of making stuff happen, good movement cutting inside and dragging defenders in with him, missed him when he went off but was knackered second half

Rutherford - 4, not really enough to judge but he ran about a bit
Redmond - N/A but still had a better game than Wright
McIntosh - N/A
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Default Re: Maidenhead Rankings

Young 8 rest shiiite.
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Default Re: Maidenhead Rankings

Dibble 5 looks so nervous
Carra 6 steady as usual
Chambers 5 turns like the QE2
Jennings 6 tried to get people going
Pearson 8 looked like his usual self shame players didn’t respond
Summerfield 4 just for being on the pitch
Wright 0 how you can miss so many simple chances is beyond me
Young 8 mom would have got 9 but for unfortunate OG
Grant 6 few glimpses but no end product
Tollit 7 looked dangerous when given the ball in right areas
Oswell 7 lonely up top on his own .. scored and worked hard

Rutherford 6 ran around a lot again
Redmond not on long enough
Macintosh same as above
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Default Re: Maidenhead Rankings

Dibble 6 - Just not good enough but not a lot he could have done about the goals.
Jennings 5: Baffling he got MOM, who was choosing his family? Didn't do much at all.
Carrington 5: Lacks the speed and skill to get forward but ok defensively.
Pearson 7: Was dishing it out to the team last night but after his start to the season I suspect that will just cause divide.
Chambers 6: Need Lawlor back asap.
Summerfield 5: Had to cover for the hide and seek champion along with Young but the quality of football is low.
Wright 1: Absolutely shit. Should never be anywhere near the team ever again. Got a 1 for managing to put his kits on properly. Dreadful player.
Young 8: Great goal and workd tirelessly mainly because he had to do Akils running for him. Great goal and one of the few who can honestly say they gave their all. If we had a midfield of Luke Young's we'd be doing much better.
Grant 5: Had a row with Oswell, or had a right go at him anyway. He's a good footballer but looks hugely frustrated at the moment. All is not well.
Oswell 7: Got a goal and worked his knackers off. Gets very very little service and has to compete with 2 cb's for aimless long balls. The CD striker curse strikes again.
Tollitt 7: I can only hope he was taken off because he was knackered. But he looks a threat at least. Bringing on Rutherford for him is like getting out of a merc to drive a childs pedal go kart.

Rutherford 2: Useless. Huffs and puffs and produces fck all. Standard.
Redmond 5: Not sure whats going on with him but I think at least there is a footballer there.
Macintosh 5: Didn't have enough time to do anything and I doubt he would have anyway.
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Default Re: Maidenhead Rankings

Dibble -6- Don't think he could have done anything with the first, no chance with the second...Few routine saves and kicking okay but not really troubled.

Carrington -5- Awful going forward, didn't really need to do much defending, ironically JBB prob would have suited this game better.

Jennings -5- Did slightly more then Carra going forward but nothing much good, again, didn't have to defend much.

Chambers -5- Shakey, but not put under too much pressure.

Pearson -7- Trying to drag the team with him, think it is too much even for him though.

Wright -4- Tough to rate as he did well getting into positive positions but shocking composure and finishing.

Summerfield -6- Had loads of the ball but unable to create much with what is in front of him, he didn't give much away but will always struggle to be effective in this set-up.

Young -7- Edges SP for MOM, unlucky with the OG I think, assist and a good goal. He has to get through a lot of work which stops him being able to impose himself as much as we would like.

Tollit -5- Couldn't even control it first half, improved after the break. Definitely shouldn't have been taken off when chasing the win, good play for Youngs goal.

Grant -5- Had a tough battle with there RB, unlucky with his overhead kick at the end.

Oswell -6- Got a goal, was battered all night by there defenders whilst trying to win the balls lumped to/at him. Was impressed with how he kept going and working, he is another who will never be effective in this system though.

Rutherford - On for Tollit when chasing a winner?! Him and Carra down the right was never going to produce anything.

Redmond - Don't remember him touching it.

Macintosh - Had to check on BBC Sport that we actually did bring him on.
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Default Re: Maidenhead Rankings

Originally Posted by Superunknown View Post
Grant - 5, looked dangerous at times but seemed like he was desperate for a red card
Very worrying statement. Always going to be a liability but if it’s that obvious!

IMO BH has lost the dressing room already.
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Default Re: Maidenhead Rankings

Was it only me that noticed Dibble carry the ball outside his own area midway through the first half?
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