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GiggityGiggityGiggityGoo 6th September 2019 11.32:56

Wales U21's V Belgium U21's
Not seen it mentioned, Wales take on Belgium today at the Racecourse 5pm kick off.

All ticket and purchasing info below.


Red Light 6th September 2019 13.19:59

Re: Wales U21's V Belgium U21's
Very peculiar - sadly attracting no publicity as there isn't any.

Kick off time is just incredible - doesn't do anything to get a crowd in - adults and parents in work and kids unable to go unless they are local and have someone to get them to the ground.

Is it all to suit TV again so there is no clash with the Senior teams match ?

At least a 1.00 pm KO could be advertised as a 'schools' match to pick the stadium with school parties but 5.00 pm to me is just about the worst time possible - oh not forgetting the rush hour traffic.

Back of the Kop 6th September 2019 13.25:49

Re: Wales U21's V Belgium U21's
Bonkers kick off time and no advertising.

Anyone would think there's an agenda to ensure the crowd is poor to make the Racecourse look bad to back up a reason not to invest in a new Kop stand.

Surely not.......

Phils-an-alki 6th September 2019 13.32:30

Re: Wales U21's V Belgium U21's
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Now that the club has the ground back so to speak its surprising this isn't on the club's website. Which by the way if you search Wrexham FC seems its still hacked.

ABd 6th September 2019 13.35:26

Re: Wales U21's V Belgium U21's
First I've heard of it

Mr Wonderful 6th September 2019 13.46:25

Re: Wales U21's V Belgium U21's
[QUOTE=ABd;2290321]First I've heard of it[/QUOTE]

How hard is it to advertise this on social media?
Someone needs their arses kicking.

Foxy 6th September 2019 13.52:46

Re: Wales U21's V Belgium U21's
The club stand to profit from the sale of food and drink and unbelievably can’t be bothered to push this game.

Mismanaged decline.

subbuteorob 6th September 2019 14.04:22

Re: Wales U21's V Belgium U21's
We don't deserve any further games if this is how we go about things. Shocking !

NedStarksGhost 6th September 2019 14.08:08

Re: Wales U21's V Belgium U21's
Can't believe this is the first I've heard of this. Really needs more advertising. Kick off time is horrendous too. Who decided that?

ABd 6th September 2019 14.13:40

Re: Wales U21's V Belgium U21's
Too late to buy tickets online. Not clear if you can pay on the gate.

Only £5 for adults, £2 for over 65/under 16. Might have gone if I'd have known about it earlier.

Also, [B]Wales U21 V Germany U21, Tuesday 10th September, kick off 7:00pm[/B]

These are all UEFA U21 Championship qualifiers.

All times are WMT (Wrexham Mean Time). For non-town viewers the time now is 22.27:16.

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