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northwalian dragon 9th September 2019 11.00:14

Wrexham FANS Fc looking for a new manager
Wrexham [B]FANS[/B] Fc are looking for a new manager

Again, this is the FANS team

Wrexham Fans FC has been running since 2012 mostly playing in the IFA league. A league consisting of other supporters teams. We play on Saturday mornings, allowing us to watch Wrexham in the afternoons. We play home and away, sometimes if the interest is there we play teams that are on the way to Wrexham's away games. If that isn't possible there are plenty of teams to play locally. With there being no Sunday football in Wrexham anymore this is ideal for Wrexham supporters

We have not entered the IFA league this season but we'll be looking to build up momentum and get more of a structure in place going into next season.

We are looking for someone to come in and leave their own stamp on the club and get us going again. We have a good squad of players already here, having reached the last 8 of the Worldnet cup competition featuring teams across Wales, England, Scotland and France. We also finished in the top 5 out of the whole UK one season. And we reached the quarter finals of the British Cup losing out to West Ham fans (the eventual winners).

We're looking for new ideas and a new direction. If this interests you and you would like to know more please email - [B][/B] and we'll get back to you

P.S. we'll shortly be advertising for players too

KingBuxton_Forever red 11th September 2019 13.44:05

Re: Wrexham FANS Fc looking for a new manager
Would like to give this a bump because I feel it is definitely worth it.

Way back when I was a lot younger, and thinner, I got involved with the supporters club and we had our own sub section on Red Passion. Was excellent to represent Wrexham (even in a small way) and play local sides, meet new friends etc.

Have recently got back in touch with these guys and played a few games and as Jack says, the basis for a good squad is there. I would encourage anybody to put their name forward and give it a go.

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