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Foxy 15th September 2019 16.43:56

Re: Hughes and Harris out
[QUOTE=andy buckley;2293562]You're obsessed by brexit lol did you mean to say information🤔[/QUOTE]

Ha indeed I am and yes I did. Mind you, immigration is also declining by the day.

paddockgraham 15th September 2019 21.22:01

Re: Hughes and Harris out
[QUOTE=Foxy;2293564]Ha indeed I am and yes I did. Mind you, immigration is also declining by the day.[/QUOTE]

not surprised why would anyone want to come here

Foxy 15th September 2019 21.23:42

Re: Hughes and Harris out
[QUOTE=paddockgraham;2293708]not surprised why would anyone want to come here[/QUOTE]

Agree . Who wants to come here when the likes of your six fingered racist mates are at large,

Vambo 15th September 2019 22.06:51

Re: Hughes and Harris out
[QUOTE=Foxy;2293269]No chance of that then, he is another who needs to find something else to do.[/QUOTE]

He's just been re elected.

eosceiriog 16th September 2019 13.17:32

Re: Hughes and Harris out
[QUOTE=moynkeepthefaith;2292958]It appears I am classed as a happy clapper so I feel duty bound to comment.
Firstly I am happy that we have a club and will always be indebted to those who fought the Hamilton era so brilliantly - Iím struggling to see any problem with that.
Off the field we have achieved much but on the field we are clearly struggling and I believe itís time for god the Flynn god the Hughes and god the Darlington to go. That means we have this time recruited badly and the board are under pressure and due process should follow.
Iím sure nobody cares but just personally if the club were to be put up for sale that would not work for me.[/QUOTE]

I don't agree about performance off the pitch but you have strong views and I always find you logical and consistent. It is important to have a balance in the debates and you are a good advocate for your views.

Where I have a problem is what you mean by the last paragraph. Does it mean you would merely be unhappy or cease to be a supporter altogether?

There are many fans that are not happy with the WST and some who are not happy with a fans owned club but still pay their WST subs and buy their tickets because they support the club.

I would be disappointed if you meant you would no longer attend matches on the back of a change in ownership. I can't speak for others but of course it matters when a fan packs it in.

If you think about your position in the sale scenario you also have some idea of how others feel in the reverse scenario and have been in that position for some time.

The past is glorious or inglorious depending on which side of the debate you are on but it is the past. We cannot live off it forever. We need to move on and find more funding.

My clear belief is it can be done. I don't have a problem with anyone thinking differently but let's put it properly to the test and clear up a festering sore.

I do not believe we are near the stage of needing to sell up 100% so let's have some vision and try the middle ground for once and properly test the water.

Equally, I really worry about people who seem to think a fans owned club cannot go bust due to some magical budget management. I hope it is never put to the test. They are as bad as anyone thinking private ownership will solve all the problems.

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