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138+NotOut 14th September 2019 18.21:45

Hughes and Harris out
As it says on the tin, he mate the decision single handed...

duncandog 14th September 2019 18.22:21

Re: Hughes and Harris out
It’s been coming hasn’t it. Proper out of his depth

Funny_Old_Game 14th September 2019 18.22:31

Re: Hughes and Harris out
Darlington as well.

NedStarksGhost 14th September 2019 18.23:45

Re: Hughes and Harris out
Surely the board will sack them now. Enough is enough.

thedischunter96 14th September 2019 18.24:10

Re: Hughes and Harris out
I think the board have brought us as far as they can. Its now time to look for a buyer and a good clear out of backroom staff.

Time for a new manager and his own staff! No more of this "you have to work with CD" rubbish!

Wenttoanderlechtin76 14th September 2019 18.24:49

Re: Hughes and Harris out
And Mills never goes to away games and never used to go at all before he fluked his way on to the board

Redted 14th September 2019 18.25:04

Re: Hughes and Harris out
[QUOTE=Funny_Old_Game;2292765]Darlington as well.[/QUOTE]

Exactly, there's no point in getting rid of Hughes if a new manager is stuck with Darlington again. He has to go too.

waxcrayon 14th September 2019 18.25:56

Re: Hughes and Harris out
It's getting more embarrassing somthing needs to change, we are going backwards

1984 14th September 2019 18.27:06

Re: Hughes and Harris out
But Soencer saves the club £40k a year doing his job for free !!!
Unfortunately an amateur running a professional football club

Darlington also an Semi Pro (at best) Coach from WPL
Coaching players at a professional football club

Its not rocket science to work out is it why we are looking so poor

Very sad times

thedischunter96 14th September 2019 18.27:22

Re: Hughes and Harris out
National North next season anyone?

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