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EGM 2019 2nd October 2019 14.10:15

WST EGM - Recap of Agenda
To follow up on some comments on the original thread on this subject. It appears that some could not find the outline of the agenda post as it became buried in the ongoing discussion. So, to recap here is a repeat of that post.
We have a had a largely positive response to this EGM proposal leading us to believe it is welcomed by a large number of Wrexham fans and are now looking for all supportive club members to send their name, DOB and membership number to [email][/email]

[B]Why are we doing this?[/B]

The immediate trigger for these actions is not the recent on pitch performances. While like all other fans, we feel the current position within the league table is not satisfactory, we believe it is a symptom and not the cause. We believe that the actions of, in particular, the Football Club board over an extended period of time have both directly and indirectly contributed towards our current position. Like the majority of fans, we acknowledge the great efforts of those people working in a voluntary capacity to provide financial stability, and we expect that they welcome this discussion regarding the future of the club in order to either inform change, or alternatively unify and repair the relationship between existing leadership and the fans.

[B]Who are we?[/B]

A number of you have asked who we are. Why the secrecy? We do not wish to compromise the democracy of a vote in any way. If we can achieve enough names to trigger an EGM then clearly our names will be released. But right now, it doesn’t matter. We want people to get behind the idea of discussing change in a forum which as the membership base of Wrexham AFC we are all fully entitled to.

As a collective, we believe that amongst the current supporter base, and in particular the WST membership, the desire for change is strong. We are not individuals with a personal agenda, we are first and foremost fans of our great football club who share concerns about the current condition of our football club. We believe, that the relationship between the leadership team at Wrexham AFC (both the football club board, and the WST board) and the fans / members of the WST has become fragmented. We believe that if we do not address multiple issues and areas of concern, the disparity between fans and those in charge of our club will continue to grow. We are not proposing ourselves as suitable replacements for current board members, nor are we making suggestions of specific individuals as suitable candidates to take up key board positions within Trust or Club boards. We are attempting to invoke a democratic process and reasoned discussion regarding the future of our football club. Not My Wrexham, rather Our Wrexham.

[B]The agenda[/B]

Again, to clarify our position, we have reasonable topics of discussion – but the first hurdle, as set out by the WST process is to garner the support for a meeting. Assuming we can make the meeting happen, the high level discussion points that we wish to address are detailed below:

• Address lack of full-time personnel and positions directly supporting the first team management. The long-term aim is to protect Wrexham AFC’s status as a full-time professional football club
• Seek organisational change at boardroom level due to the dissatisfaction amongst a population of the membership. We are not suggesting a complete replacement of board members, which we feel would be unreasonable and irresponsible. Maintaining stability through any period of change is essential
• Enact positive change to the procedures intended to hold directors accountable
• Request that appointments made to replace any outgoing board members are managed by the WST board, and that the skills gap within the area of football operations is addressed via the identification and appointment of a candidate with the pre-requisite skills and experience such as a director of football
• Place the role of WST chair under review, giving this role the remit to hold directors and board members accountable. Implement a time limitation on this role, and make it a directly elected role

This is not an exhaustive agenda, and in the interest of inclusivity, we welcome suggestions from voting members for agenda items, if you do wish to provide suggestions please email to [email][/email] when providing your membership details. As already stated, we do not have a personal agenda, and are not representing any organisation or party, just a concerned group of loyal fans willing to try and enact a positive change.

louisleftboot 2nd October 2019 14.13:23

Re: WST EGM - Recap of Agenda
[QUOTE=EGM 2019;2302446]

[B]Who are we?[/B]



NottsRed 2nd October 2019 14.26:41

Re: WST EGM - Recap of Agenda

I find your lack of faith in the board disturbing.

LlayDragon 2nd October 2019 14.39:54

Re: WST EGM - Recap of Agenda
They have felt my presence?

Vorporix 2nd October 2019 15.20:59

Re: WST EGM - Recap of Agenda
[QUOTE=LlayDragon;2302456]They have felt my presence?[/QUOTE]

Yes - I saw the Luke on their faces!

-luke 2nd October 2019 15.31:22

Re: WST EGM - Recap of Agenda
[QUOTE=Vorporix;2302463]Yes - I saw the Luke on their faces![/QUOTE]

No you didnt...

Vorporix 2nd October 2019 15.34:08

Re: WST EGM - Recap of Agenda
[QUOTE=-luke;2302466]No you didnt...[/QUOTE]

True - I read about it on wookieleaks.....

jacthelad 2nd October 2019 16.44:48

Re: WST EGM - Recap of Agenda
Has the facebook page gone. Got added to one the other day but cant find it now. Get emailing people
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Red Dragon Froomie 2nd October 2019 16.56:38

Re: WST EGM - Recap of Agenda
[QUOTE=Vorporix;2302467]True - I read about it on wookieleaks.....[/QUOTE]

I like where this is going

marathonplny 2nd October 2019 17.02:10

Re: WST EGM - Recap of Agenda
This has prompted me to send in my details


Good luck , great initiative and very thought provoking


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