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Default Re: Off Field Success story

I believe everything you say billy .
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Originally Posted by Answer Release View Post
Wake up QR! CD has been pushing candidates from the FAW courses since he walked through the door.

Whilst the club don’t want to pay him off (he’s well paid here by the way) the people he has got a job aren’t going to turn around and say “thanks for that Carl but my first move is to request you are now sacked” are they?!

The players don’t like / rate him, indeed he’s not rated anywhere outside the FAW coaching set up. Classroom organiser, maybe, experienced coach? Absolutely not.

He’s a massive part of our woes over recent years.

Keates brought him back to the club after Mills got rid of him....

So he is going nowhere just like the club.
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Default Re: Off Field Success story

Originally Posted by Quay Red View Post
There is some truth in your post.
The players resent a 1 day a week coach.
CD is a strong character who will try to impose his will on the manager (from what I'm led to believe) It's up to the manager to be stronger and put CD in his place. - Or get rid.
Not a chance in hell!
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Default Re: Off Field Success story

Originally Posted by redtilidie View Post
Not a chance in hell!

Think I will change my name to billy liar as some do not believe the dictatorship that we are under
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Default Re: Off Field Success story

I have a little chuckle every time I read this thread title.

At a football club if there's no success on the field there are no such things as success off it, it's irrelevant, worthless and a waste of time.

'Wow do you remember that football club who didn't do anything for 13years'?'
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Default Re: Off Field Success story

Originally Posted by Quay Red View Post
You must be going around with your eyes closed.
New club shop. Improved and expanded Hospitality.
Better take up on advertising. Promotion and use of the 'course as a venue for meetings, parties etc.
Reduction in operating losses from £750k a year when the trust took over to around £100k which is covered by the WST
On going ground improvements, Drainage, Pitch improvements. Floodlight maintenance. Ticketing. Reduction in freebees.
Improved catering - still more work to do on concourse bars.
Long term. Lease of facility for £100k / annum.
Stand sponsorships.
Moves towards creating a new training facility to replace Colliers / 9 Acre.
Kop redevelopment.
I'm sure there's a lot more but I've listed those that immediately come to mind.
There's literally an advert in Mrs toilets from 05/06 season
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