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Wrexy 6th October 2019 15.17:41

CONFIRMED: Keates appointed
Blimey, its really happened:


SPROUT 6th October 2019 15.18:51

Re: Keates appointed
Let the meltdown begin..

Birdy 6th October 2019 15.18:58

Re: Keates appointed
Not read the article yet, can't wait to see the spin the spineless board have used this time. What a bunch of losers.

Rk11 6th October 2019 15.19:08

Re: Keates appointed
So why were the media team crying about some BT Sport guy who was in the know?!?

spuderz123 6th October 2019 15.19:33

Re: Keates appointed
Up the shagging 1-0 wins

blackbrookred 6th October 2019 15.19:50

Re: Keates appointed
[QUOTE=Wrexy;2304065]Blimey, its really happened:


It's been on the cards for an age, not sure how anyone will be surprised.

Wreck Sam 6th October 2019 15.20:21

Re: Keates appointed
Dean gave a very good interview and we decided he was by far the best person for the job....

rob0916 6th October 2019 15.20:26

Re: Keates appointed
Bringing Dixie into it to take the heat off the board. Embarrassing.

TrueRed 6th October 2019 15.20:40

Re: Keates appointed
What happened to 5 working days.. I get the impression it was leaked out yesterday hence BT Sport announcing it and we’ve just announced it early

Birdy 6th October 2019 15.21:33

Re: Keates appointed
"We talked to a number of people about the position, which we narrowed down to and then interviewed five people. Dean gave a very good interview and we decided he was by far the best person for the job."

Who were the other 4? Sounds like utter bollocks to me.

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