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Hill st 1st December 2019 09.58:47

Isn’t it about time the board made a statement in reference to a positive way forward :31:.The silence is just making matters worse.

Wxm boy 1st December 2019 10.01:29

Re: Statement
What do you expect they are going to say??

Exciting times ahead.

Bugs 1st December 2019 10.01:48

Re: Statement
They are totally useless, have been for years and fans have accepted it.

sparky 1st December 2019 10.02:58

Re: Statement

joe 1st December 2019 10.03:49

Re: Statement
All we’ll get is LOAN WATCH tomorrow.

LlayDragon 1st December 2019 10.12:50

Re: Statement
No, as they can't be trusted.

Wrexham's Patrick Bateman 1st December 2019 10.26:52

Re: Statement
Unless it contains offers of redignation
And absolute truth and transparency of alternatives.

There's not much point.

robiethered 1st December 2019 10.31:33

Re: Statement

Phils-an-alki 1st December 2019 10.33:16

Re: Statement
I think they should announce that they are going to arrange another flag day. It’s what’s we all want after all

Funny_Old_Game 1st December 2019 10.33:52

Re: Statement
Stop creating threads. Please.

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