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Default Re: Woking Predictions

Originally Posted by Colomiers Phoenix View Post
I think that he's after someone to hold his keyboard while he shakes his fist at anyone who disagrees with his point of view. He can say what he wants to on here as it is all about opinions, and Anonymous. But in the real world would he get away with some of his comments and accusations ???
You're literally posting from an anonymous account.
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Default Re: Woking Predictions

Originally Posted by KingConnolly View Post
A full time paid CEO is an excellent idea, entirely supportive of that. As is a degree of outside investment

I am not a huge fan of fans ownership, we are seeing its limitations right now.
I'm not a supporter of the current board's position (which has nothing at all to do with the fans ownership model - it is simply the wrong people doing the wrong job) but would be interested in precisely how paying £60K (out of the playing budget - inevitably) is going to guarantee that a full-time CEO would pull us out of the mire. What - exactly - do people think that such a CEO would bring to the table?

Could you write a job specification that would be a part of a recruitment drive to find one?

(I am a full-time paid CEO by the way... just not at WAFC!)

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Default Re: Woking Predictions

I’ll be there.

Interesting fact: Wrexham haven’t lost this season when I’ve attended.

Can they keep the unbeaten streak going? I do predict a 2 - 1 defeat but if we concede early, I fear a heavier defeat.
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Default Re: Woking Predictions

on topic instead of the usual moaning and negativity.

2-0 Wrexham win for me... 3.9k in attendance
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