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View Poll Results: As a WST member, do/did you receive emails from them?
I am/was a member and receive/received emails as expected 46 38.33%
I am/was a member and haven’t received emails as expected 68 56.67%
I haven’t been a member 6 5.00%
Voters: 120. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: WST Members Not Receiving E-mails

Depending on provider the open rate and other stats could well be logged.

If it is, then that data would not be sensitive and could be shared to see all sorts - best subjects, times to send, historic trends, bounces etc.

If such software is not used, and it is very common and cheap, it could be looked at.

I suspect it is used - so anyone asking may get some real data on current picture as well as conpare since system started?
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Default Re: WST Members Not Receiving E-mails

May 25th 2018 was a key date for businesses that sent out information by email to customers and members alike.

That was the date when those businesses had to comply with the then-new data protection Laws, one of the requirements for which was to ensure that emails were NO LONGER SENT to people who had not confirmed to them that they wished to receive them!

The club sent emails to members where they knew their email addresses, asking them to tick a box when replying to confirm their desire to receive future emails, . Anyone who had for any reason changed their email address would not have received the message, and I suspect that many were in that situation.

Equally, I suspect that there would have been many members who DID receive the request to reply, but had received many such emails from every business with whom they had communicated in the past. I know that I did, and I also know that I either ignored the request or simply forgot to reply. As a consequence, all businesses etc., that didn't receive your permission to continue sending messages had - by Law - to stop doing so.

This could explain why many members stopped receiving emails after that.

If you don't receive emails from the club now, even though you did receive them in the past, can I suggest that you give the club your permission to register your current email address under the Data protection rules - commonly referred to as GDPR opt-in.
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