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Redted 8th February 2020 14.10:24

Chesterfield reaction (3-2)
Don't really know what to say about that, other than it always seems to happen to us. How many times over the last few years have we thrown results away. So frustrating and back in a relegation scrap with a vengeance now!

swanseajack 8th February 2020 14.11:24

Re: Chesterfied reaction (3-2)
what the hell happened there? would have been up to 15th place

Wenttoanderlechtin76 8th February 2020 14.12:01

Re: Chesterfield reaction (3-2)
At least the play off bullshit might go away now

Pieman 8th February 2020 14.13:14

Re: Chesterfield reaction (3-2)
Standard flip up why am i not surprised

totesey2 8th February 2020 14.13:18

Re: Chesterfield reaction (3-2)
We cannot defend corners and crosses, Lainton stays on his line instead of attacking the ball!

Willywill 8th February 2020 14.13:51

Re: Chesterfield reaction (3-2)
Well, at least we played two forwards. Apart from that, we blew a 2-1 lead away from home. Fans will soon report on how we played, individually. Our relegation battle will only be settled at the last fixture.

Redted 8th February 2020 14.13:58

Re: Chesterfield reaction (3-2)
You couldn't make it up. We shoot ourselves in the foot time after time.

dixienormous 8th February 2020 14.14:28

Re: Chesterfield reaction (3-2)
No surprise from one of the biggest jokes in football, wrexham football club under spencer, mills and co

Willywill 8th February 2020 14.15:50

Re: Chesterfield reaction (3-2)
I am sure that we are soon to be told “there’s a thin line between success and defeat”. Or even “we were so lucky!”.

Wiltshire_Red 8th February 2020 14.15:57

Re: Chesterfield reaction (3-2)
A draw would have kept the gap to 5 points, and we had a corner in the last minute, why didn’t we keep it in the corner.

I can’t believe we’ve given 6 points to another of our relegation rivals.

To lose like that is devastating after being ahead twice, how will that affect us in the remaining games.

Defence is totally disrupted with Carrington, Jennings and possibly Pearson out.

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