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Default Re: Happy Anniversary Dean Keates!

Originally Posted by northwalian dragon View Post
The best post I've seen in a while Are you a fan of Mad Season?

And it seems the Keates fanboys have become deeply upset! Oh no!
from your avatar i thought you may like it Yeah, one of the best albums out of that scene, big fan of Pearl Jam, Screaming Trees, love Mark Lanegan but like most of it tbh!

Why do people get so upset about somebody on social media criticising somebody they are very unlikely to know personally ?

My view is Keates is an improvement on Bryan Hughes, but he's not as good as Flynn, Smith, Saunders, Morrell, or even Ricketts imho - but its just my opinion, it has as much significance as your opinion or anybody else here !

I don't hate him, whilst his Wrecsam manager i'll try to support him, I don't blame him for our position, I blame the current board, i don't blame Fan ownership either btw - I squarely blame the personnel on the board for not admitting their errors and getting professionals in to help run the club.
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Default Re: Happy Anniversary Dean Keates!

Originally Posted by Ooh aah Paskin View Post
To be honest, I think the OP was a bit of light heartedness to lift the doom and gloom.
I found it amusing anyway.
As did I
All hail the mad banana!
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