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Holtdragons 17th October 2020 15.47:28

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
[QUOTE=quaydragon;2397101]If Keates & Co are not sacked by the time the coach gets back to Wrexham, I would advise Spencer to refrain from running on Minera Mountain any time soon.[/QUOTE]

Spot on they almost got us relegated last season and look determined to do it this season

Hightown Brymbo Red 17th October 2020 15.47:56

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
Of course he should be sacked but he wont because the WST have no money to pay him off

Redted 17th October 2020 15.48:24

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
This has to be one of the worst performances by a Wrexham first team ever. Enough is enough, Keates has to go tonight and take Darlington with him!

NottsRed 17th October 2020 15.50:00

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
[QUOTE=Wrecsam91;2397124]can any of the wst disciples give one good reason why keates should not be sacked before monday[/QUOTE]

Well someone just voted to give him more time.

Colonel D 17th October 2020 15.50:28

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
The only reason I opted for time was not to give the current lot the opportunity to make another crap appointment.

René Higuita 17th October 2020 15.52:41

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
I genuinly believe i would do better than Thomas. Genuinly.

Dai83 17th October 2020 15.52:58

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
He won't get sacked, because the cowardly board don't have to face anyone. They will just hang it out until any sale goes through.

"Look, I'm clueless. Look, I'm Looking for a reaction".

willyheckerslike 17th October 2020 15.53:56

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
Can we cut the crap about voting for the take over....lets just give them the keys to the boardroom!

jacthelad 17th October 2020 15.54:08

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
I would prefer hughes back at this stage
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mitchelltown 17th October 2020 15.54:35

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
Don't worry. Every team can beat one another in this league. Keates' famous words. Hope there his last.

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