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redone 17th October 2020 16.23:48

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
we are at a new level here ,we would have got relegated last season, we will get it this season, its stareing us in the face, cant the board see it

Vorporix 17th October 2020 16.24:45

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
[QUOTE=wrexile;2397238]It’s far more than Keates though isn’t it. It stinks from top to bottom and the new players have already been contaminated with the rot.
We have one hope....and we’ve got to pray to God that the deal goes through.[/QUOTE]

Pray is the right word - my assumption/guess is it is far from a done deal yet.

I hope I am wrong!

steve 17th October 2020 16.24:52

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
Got to go, I said during his first spell here was the worst football I had seen in 40 years watching wxm. Nothings changed apart from having 'kicking the ball as far up the pitch and out for a throw in from kick off'as the main tactic.

dagg 17th October 2020 16.26:03

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
I didn't have a problem with him leaving, but I didn't want him back. Voted for him to go.

Ddraigoch 17th October 2020 16.29:24

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
Seems Northwalian dragon was right after all.

Barry Diamond 17th October 2020 16.31:54

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
We are amateur from the top down with no real accountability anywhere - they all know it so the malaise will continue until the ownership issue is resolved ....hopefully R&R come in sooner rather than later before they are put off !

Prodigal Dragon 17th October 2020 16.32:30

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
Hopefully, the new owners will say to the Board tonight, "Spencer, you old HR manager; you hired the clown, so you can fire him tomorrow. Just ensure you get some video of your faces for our drama."

Great tactical subs. I am surprised he brought one on when Rutherford limped off.

Keeper: caught in 2 minds.

Defence: so-so.

Midfield: ineffective.

Forwards: Yussuf looks handy, but Thomas isn't good enough.

Jarvis looked our best player.

We have now lost 2 consecutive games to teams at the bottom. Carry on like this and we will be bottom, but without any hope of surprise wins.

Put Pearson in charge for the remaining games until the new manager is brought in. Hope he has a sense of humour and a magic wand!:(

Jaded 17th October 2020 16.33:12

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
[QUOTE=dagg;2397246]I didn't have a problem with him leaving, but I didn't want him back. Voted for him to go.[/QUOTE]

Same. Fine with him moving up the leagues to the club he supports. But given how dire the football was when he left, and his utter failure with Walsall, it’s mind-blowing that our board was stupid enough to bring him back. Having said that, ffs if he goes just shove a caretaker in until R & R take over and bring someone in to run the club who might pick a decent replacement. Last thing we want is these idiots giving someone a long contract!!

redtilidie 17th October 2020 16.35:48

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
[QUOTE=Rob Edwards;2397082]Put him on gardening leave until money available to sack him.Pearson caretaker.[/QUOTE]


DenbighRed 17th October 2020 16.37:46

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
They ALL have to go. That's the key thing. Don't keep any of them around. Darlington is a grim reaper and Davies should be in charge of cones at an under 12s team at most.

Wholesale changes needed or it's pointless.

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