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GiggityGiggityGiggityGoo 17th October 2020 17.16:35

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
[QUOTE=louisleftboot;2397266]We havenít got the money to sack him so strap yourself in for Keatesball until the takeover. Stamp your feet all you want but thatís the reality.

Youíre living in cloud cuckoo land if you expect him to walk or be paid off.[/QUOTE]

Pretty much, clubs up the creek without a paddle.

Best hope the the I's are dotted and T's crossed very very soon.

Clubs on the brink of you ask me, WST won't tell us all that though. :confused:

GiggityGiggityGiggityGoo 17th October 2020 17.19:09

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
Says a lot about him that he's given up, it's only ever about Keates and always has been, even as a player.

eosceiriog 17th October 2020 17.20:12

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
[QUOTE=fezbob;2397289]Wait until the takeover's done and let the new chief exec appoint someone decent at last. Unbelievable how far we've sunk in recent years.
[size=1][i]Posted via mobile theme[/i][/size][/QUOTE]

I agree completely. Additionally we need to pray deliverance comes quickly.

GiggityGiggityGiggityGoo 17th October 2020 17.20:16

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
[QUOTE=Quay Red;2397270]There is the money to pay him off.
The only thing keeping him in place is Covid, No fans, no noise.
Was a lazy appointment and we're paying for it.[/QUOTE]

How? Refunds haven't been issued yet.

Wxmspiller 17th October 2020 17.20:18

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
As much as Iíd like to say sack him You cannot as We will then be left with Darlington in temporary charge until we get the takeover done and where will that leave us we cannot take anyone else on as they 100 percent will not be the choice of the new owners so Iím afraid we are stuck for as long as it takes for this deal to get done

Jaded 17th October 2020 17.21:19

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
[QUOTE=welshian;2397294]This would be great, but who picks the manager..?[/QUOTE]

Ideally someone R & R are planning on putting in charge. Plan B would be just randomly choose someone from all applicants; I'd have more faith in that getting us somebody halfway-decent that the current board being in charge of making an appointment!

redone 17th October 2020 17.22:00

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
keates will be saying when the skippers back we will be ok

RadioRed 17th October 2020 17.24:22

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
Absolutely.Words fail me .Sack the lot of them. A new broom springs to mind.Lets hope R & R provide the broom.

eosceiriog 17th October 2020 17.32:40

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
[QUOTE=Liverpool Red;2397292]It could take months for the takeover to be completed, by which time our season will be over. The board need to have talks with R & R and agree on the appointment of a caretaker manager until such time as the takeover process is completed and they can appoint a permanent manager.[/QUOTE]

This is a £2m turnover company at most. NO assets so many tell me. So in my experience pretty straightforward.

Long delays will be for dubious reasons at our end.

It is not impossible our poential saviours back out but I suspect they would not like the publicity from doing that without good reason.

northwalian dragon 17th October 2020 17.46:02

Re: Sack Keates & Co Poll
[QUOTE=Ddraigoch;2397251]Seems Northwalian dragon was right after all.[/QUOTE]

And for my next prophecy... Fulham won't win the Premier League this season!

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