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flynhater 17th October 2020 16.13:21

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
The Fiasco was employing Keates in the first place. We all knew what to expect it was only the fools in charge who didnt :31::31::31::31:

moynkeepthefaith 17th October 2020 16.14:38

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
I wonder if the astronaut still thinks ‘Rob’ made a good decision?
Thinking of changing my user name as I’ve lost it

dlrwrexham 17th October 2020 16.14:47

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
[QUOTE=OneLoveWrexham;2397216]And did Jarvis achieve any more than what Rutherford did?[/QUOTE]

I do think we've got some decent lads here ATM, but I have no faith in DK to get anything like the best out of them as a team, or even as individuals.:(

no1wrexfan1 17th October 2020 16.15:11

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
Shocking this club is rotten, 1st half luke young pressed their cb got the ball with ease and played a through ball and we score.
So why on earth do we start the second half with our back 4 on the edge of our box. We then conceded 2 very shit goals and for all those saying Pearson is past it well today we where crying out for him.
After being 2 goals down we start to press again and started creating chances again.
It’s not the players it’s the way they are being asked to play.
Keates has to go but the wst won’t do nothing because potentially in less than a month this is not their club.
Glad next weekend is a cup game and time we play our next League game we will be closer to the takeover.
If this takeover doesn’t go through then this club will die a slow death !!!

newyorkred 17th October 2020 16.15:48

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
Like dlr, I am not normally quick to criticize but that was absolute garbage. The first half was laughable - Sunday league stuff, as people said - but the second half was abysmal. The mighty Wealdstone changed formation and tightened up in key areas and our players and management could not seem to see it, understand it, or respond to it. Pathetic!

The only tiny glimmer of positivity for me was seeing Dan Jarvis get some time on the ball and seeing what might be if the players around him get used to actually playing the ball through midfield. He had some good touches and, with a bit of luck, would have made a couple of goals - but we would have to have strikers who can score for that.

Pathetic rubbish - probably the worst I have felt as a Wrexham supporter in 44 years.

Superunknown 17th October 2020 16.15:55

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
Shite tactics, can’t defend set pieces, no changes when we’re 4-2 down, how much more of this clown do we need to put up with? Abject dire performance

sexyfootball1 17th October 2020 16.16:54

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
Can anyone explain what we were trying to do? Absolutely shocking

fluffysheepsupporter 17th October 2020 16.17:32

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
Any chance Daffy can deny them the elite status and they are forbidden to cross the border next Saturday. If not, Solihull are set to give us a hiding. No way will we win .
And this is coming from one of the biggest happy clappers you could find.

shimosays 17th October 2020 16.18:15

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
On paper, pretty much every one of our starting 11 would start for Maidenhead and Wealdstone. They have all either got football league experience or have at least done well with teams at the top of the Conference. So whatever Keates and co are doing is making us worse than the sum of our parts. He has got to go.
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Wiltshire_Red 17th October 2020 16.18:50

Re: Wealdstone Fiasco
How can we not use our subs when losing 4-2, no plan b, totally one dimensional and tactically inept.

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